Baby Sea Turtles Saved by Compassionate Cop

derek-conleyIn early August 2013, Officer Derek Conley of the Sar­­­­­­­asota Police Department acted heroically for animals. Scores of sea turtle hatchlings were lost en route to their ocean destination, and had somehow found their way into a beach resort parking lot—a fate which would have meant certain death for these delicate creatures.

It was around 1:00am when Officer Conley began assisting concerned resort guests, who were beginning attempts to guide the disoriented sea turtle hatchlings to the ocean. Officer Conley stopped traffic several times during the rescue and collected dozens of hatchlings from the road and parking lot.

Sea turtle eggs incubate for roughly 60 days, with approximately 100 hatchlings then exiting from each nest as a group. It is thought that the modern world’s artificial lights are to blame when these babies head away from the ocean, risking death by dehydration, predator, or car. Indeed, numerous local governments—including Sarasota County—have passed marine turtle protection ordinances which respond to the challenge of artificial light control.

Take Action!

Please contact the Sarasota Police Department and thank them for responding to wildlife conflicts with compassion and professionalism. Please give special appreciation for Officer Derek Conley’s heroic actions—without his intervention, these baby turtles would not have had a chance at life.

Sending a personalized card by mail is especially encouraged! Send cards and letters to:

Chief of Police Bernadette DiPino
Sarasota Police Department
2099 Adams Lane
Sarasota, FL 34237

Don’t want to send a card? No problem!

Thank Officer Conley and the Sarasota Police Department via social media! Help us make our voices heard—without overwhelming the Police Department with emails and phone calls—and spreading the word about this heroic effort!



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