Take action to secure a meaningful sentence for father of boy who shot three dogs while hunting.

Please contact the USDA and FSIS and urge them to support ALDF's petition! This week, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a petition with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) …

Track down your elected officials and publicly urge them to do everything they can to eliminate the disastrous “King Amendment” from the U.S. Farm Bill!

In early August 2013, Officer Derek Conley of the Sar­­­­­­­asota Police Department acted heroically for animals. Scores of sea turtle hatchlings were lost en route to their ocean destination, and had somehow found their way into a beach resort parking lot—a fate which would have meant certain death for these delicate creatures.

Known Santee Alley animal sellers Norma Pluma and Juan Mena were charged and prosecuted by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office. On December 6, 2013 a jury reportedly delivered guilty verdicts on several counts including animal cruelty, illegal animal sales, and battery.

This week, ALDF filed a consumer protection complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Tyson Food Inc. for misleading consumers with deceptive advertising. As the largest U.S. producer of chicken products, and the second largest producer of pork and beef products, Tyson’s presence in the animal product industry extends across the nation.

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