Thanks to Investigators for Successful Cockfighting Raid

Posted on March 11, 2009

A rooster formerly used in cockfights.(Martin County, TX)  While animal fighting raids can be weeks if not months in the planning, a spontaneous response proved a success in Texas. Law enforcement from Martin and Midland counties teamed up with state troopers and quickly responded to the report of a cockfighting event in progress. A group of approximately 100 people, including juveniles, were reportedly gathered to participate and over 80 arrests were secured. As is expected at these scenes, the tragedy of dead and suffering birds was accompanied by the discovery of drugs, weapons and large amounts of cash. Several dog carcasses were found on the property as well, investigators continue to explore that discovery.  

Here is a news story on the event:
Law enforcement busts major animal-cruelty ring, February 1, 2009

Please write letters to sheriffs Woodward and Painter thanking them for their successful efforts to date on this case, a case which will continue to serve their community as a valuable example of the link between animal cruelty and other detestable crimes.

Sheriff John Woodward
Martin County
PO Box 1127
Stanton, TX 79782
432-607-2992 fax

Sheriff Gary Painter
Midland County
PO Box 11287
Midland, TX  79702
432-688-4970 fax

Letter Writing Tips

Sadly, the surviving roosters found at cockfighting venues are very often euthanized – and any hens from these cases are often times killed as well.  While finding sanctuary for the females is difficult enough, the males demand thoughtful, deliberate rehabilitation and there are very few rescue facilities equipped to deal with them. Second chances are possible however – below is more information on the subject and above is the story of at least one rooster who is now living in peace after having survived the cockfighting industry.

Can “Fighting” Roosters Be Rehabilitated? (PDF) from United Poultry Concerns

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