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Every day, ALDF attorneys work to keep animal abusers off the streets and prevent them from ever harming another victim. Letters, emails, and phone calls from concerned members of the public often make the crucial difference for animals in cases of criminal animal cruelty and proposed legislation. Action Alerts provide urgent updates on cruelty cases and legislation around the country, and what you can do to help win justice for animals.

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Each day this week you can take action to support our campaign for basic legal rights for all animals.

Send a brief message to lawmakers in Ag-Gag states that these laws will not be tolerated!

We need your help to make sure that the USDA does the right thing for primates who are suffering in labs!

ALDF needs your help to shut down a killing spree that threatens native wildlife and habitats in Salmon, Idaho.

Take action! Find out what you can do to protect dogs from hot cars.

It's easy to spread the word with the Animal Bill of Rights social media toolkit!

After over 40 years, Lolita the orca finally has a chance at freedom!

We urgently need your help to stop one of the most serious threats to animal protection this country has ever experienced.

The U.S. produces about 75 billion eggs a year. Cartons labeled by phrases like "cage-free," "free-range," and "pastured," adorn egg packages in most markets. But what do these phrases mean? The vast majority of egg-laying hens live lives of extreme deprivation and cruelty.

Creative Commons Dan Dzurisin
Horse slaughter for human consumption has been outlawed in the United States for many years, but a recent push by the animal agriculture lobby aims to open the slaughterhouse doors to horses once again.

For the first time in 15 years, wild rhesus monkeys of North Central Florida’s Silver River area may not be trapped. ALDF supports nonlethal alternatives to the trapping and removal of monkeys, such as sterilization and return to the environment.

Among the criminal charges pending against Andrew Bekech are two counts of felony animal cruelty related to the alleged abuse of his ex-girlfriend’s cats.

Take action to improve the lives of egg-laying hens.

Take action! While Idaho's new law is a step in the right direction, it lacks provisions for felony convictions on the first offense and meaningful penalties for violators.

Take a moment to speak out for horses!

Help prevent the cruel mistreatment of sick and disabled farmed animals!

Following an undercover investigation revealing gruesome acts of animal cruelty, ALDF sued two Florida farms for criminal violations of nuisance laws.

Oppose legislation that will remove existing protections for homeless and lost companion animals!

Contact your legislators and let them know that you are concerned about animal abuse and domestic violence in your community.

Call Congress today!

Fresno County, California
Bench warrant issued.

California residents: Contact your state legislators today and urge them to support the SB 1520 ban on force-fed foie gras!

Help stop the abuse and slaughter of horses for human consumption!

Tell Google they should not sell mobile apps that promote animal cruelty!

Pennsylvania residents: Contact your Senator and ask support for SB 626, to finally ban pigeon shoots!

Help make it illegal to attend or bring a minor to animal fights!

Contact your legislators and urge them to pursue laws which protect humans and animals from violence.

Hancock County, West Virginia
Act now!

Help stop this massacre of America's wild horses!

Harrison County, Ohio
Act now!

New Legislation to Hold Puppy Breeders Accountable Needs Your Support

The Stockton, California-based egg producers are using misleading packaging to distort the nature of their industrial-scale operations. Take action!

See the full archive of action alerts that are no longer active. A living history of ALDF's work to protect animals.

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