You’re On the Air In 4,3,2,1…

Posted by Tom Linney, Pro Bono Coordinator on December 6, 2010

So I have a newfound respect for radio show hosts, okay maybe not all of them (I’m looking at you hatemongers). Why you ask (go along with me here)? Because recently I was invited to become co-host of the radio show Animal Concerns of Texas (ACT). For eight years, ACT Radio has been offering a unique program that focuses on animals and related issues such as vegetarianism and the environment. Through the airwaves, ACT Radio seeks to be a voice for the voiceless and promote compassionate change through education and awareness.

While I was honored to join my very knowledgeable co-hosts, I was a bit nervous. I had appeared as a guest on the show several months ago but my experience with radio work was otherwise fairly limited. In fact, my experience consisted of only the handful of times as a child I had tagged along with my brother as he worked as a morning drive time DJ for a local jazz station. So this was a new adventure. But so far it’s been a fun one. Through the radio show I am able to meet and learn about people from all over and the great work they are doing for animals. And I get to discuss some of ALDF’s inspiring work in the news section of the program.

As you can imagine in this field, there is so much variety in the potential subjects and guests. In my first show, we kept with the Halloween theme and spoke with David Agranoff, author of “Vegan Revolution…With Zombies,” a book about engineered meat that turns meat/dairy eaters and vegetarians into zombies, leaving vegans as the sole defenders of the planet. In my second show, we talked with Lauren Ornelas, founder & director of the Food Empowerment Project, which explores how food choices can make a difference not just for animals but for human rights. In our most recent show, we talk with Paul Shapiro, senior director of the Humane Society of the United States’ Factory Farming Campaign, about the horrific conditions at egg and poultry farms and the efforts underway to improve them.

The show airs every second and fourth Sunday at 7:30 pm MTN. Audio archives of the show are here. I hope you get the chance to catch it from time to time.

So now for the most important question of the day – what is your favorite TV show with a radio show component?

Vote now. I’m listening…

4 thoughts on “You’re On the Air In 4,3,2,1…

  1. greg lawson says:

    Hi, I’m Greg, one of the founders of the show ACT Radio.

    It’s great to have Tom with us, he brings a new perspective and a fresh voice to ACT.

    Together we will continue the fight for the rights of animals.

  2. Theresa Wardle says:

    Thanks Tom Linney. Looking forward to listening to ACT radio now that you’ve introduced me to it.

  3. John says:

    I catch the show from time to time, and sometimes accidentally, but it is good to get a fresh new voice and I am looking forward to making sure I plan to listen. Take a look on the bright side, you will get a lot more sleep than the DJ at the jazz station during a morning drive time. Welcome and good luck!

  4. Barbara Valencia says:

    Imagine my surprise when I happened upon this radio show by accident and recognized Tom’s voice. Tom is very active with animal welfare in El Paso, TX. It is refreshing to hear him on the radio. You have a loyal follower here. Best to you on this new endeavor. We love you in El Paso! From Barbara and the others in El Paso.

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