Wisconsin Lawmaker Seeks Tougher Animal Cruelty Law After Man Shoots Dog with Bow and Arrow

Posted by Stephanie Ulmer, Guest Blogger on August 31, 2010

GazetteXtra.com reports that because a Milton, WI, man has been accused of shooting a dog with a bow and arrow for essentially no reason at all, a state legislator has proposed a tougher law against pet assaults, making the type of crime allegedly committed a felony in the future, instead of a misdemeanor. 

According to the criminal complaint, Dale A. Moore told a Rock County sheriff’s deputy that the dog wasn’t on his property and wasn’t barking, growling or approaching him when he shot an arrow into it. The case so affected Rep. Kim Hixson (D-Whitewater) that he is working to introduce “Casey’s Law,” which would “allow prosecutors to pursue felony charges in cases of unprovoked assaults on pets involving a deadly weapon.” The law is named after the Great Pyrenees, Casey, who was shot with an arrow May 21st while walking with his owner along railroad tracks in Lima Township. Hixson announced “Casey’s Law” this week, just days before Moore appeared in court on misdemeanor charges of mistreating animals and disorderly conduct. “Pets are not merely animals living among us–they are friends and family,” Hixson said in a news release announcing “Casey’s Law.” “As a state, we cannot allow cruelty to companion animals to occur in any form.”

Stricter animal abuse laws are absolutely necessary to deter this type of behavior from occurring now and in the future. Not only was Moore not provoked by Casey, it appears that Moore shot him with the arrow just because he could. At least he will have to answer in some way for what he did to Casey, who thankfully survived surgery after the injury. We need more such felony laws to protect our animals from those who act recklessly.

4 thoughts on “Wisconsin Lawmaker Seeks Tougher Animal Cruelty Law After Man Shoots Dog with Bow and Arrow

  1. shelly says:

    My schnauzer was poisoned by the TruGreen Lawn Service while they were spraying my lawn with chemicals to kill the weeds. They knew my little dog was outside while they were spraying and I have witnesses to this. I wish I knew what to do? And I wonder if there are others who have had this happen to them?

  2. Steve S says:

    This incident that has occurred in our small town in Kansas.about 4 months ago.
    I am writing to try and raise awarness to this crime.
    A city counselman in town was contacted by his next door neighber. Saying that a dog was loose, Breed was a ( long haired colly mix) in their yard and was barking at their children and their dog.

    The city counselman retrieved a shotgun and persued the dog that was barking. The dog ran 3 houses over and the dog was then fired upon wounding the dog but not killing him. The dog was fired upon again. Eventually killing the dog. I do not know how many shots were used. I know it was at least two. The dog head was almost cut off. The dog was retrieved and since the owner was out of town and his son was the only one home the dog was put in soil at the city maintainance building. The counselman was not charged for any crime. Firing a gun, cruelty, nothing. The owner of the dog was upset he insisted that he be allowed to take pictures for evidence which he did. Thats as far as it went. The owner was convinced by the city attorney that he did not have a case. And that he should drop the matter.
    Since there were a lot of winesses. We cannot believe that a city attorney can keep it from being justly handled.

  3. State Rep. Kim Hixson, the legislator introducing this bill, is facing a tough re-election campaign. We need to make sure that Kim is re-elected, and you can help by contributing to his campaign on-line. Here’s where you can donate: https://secure.dlccweb.com/o/5941/p/10021/donate

    He won his last election by 38 votes, and he’s being challenged by a far-right fringe candidate! He needs our help!

  4. Nancy says:

    What can we do to help. The latest situation out at Fort Funston where a dog was stabbed is a tragedy. They don’t know what to charge the guy with. Are you folks involved?

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