Whaling Ban Continues, But IWC Fails to Rein In Pro-Whaling Nations

Posted by Lisa Franzetta, ALDF's Director of Communications on June 23, 2010

Today, the International Whaling Commission announced that they are putting diplomatic efforts to end commercial whaling on hold for at least year–meaning that they have not accepted a compromise deal that would lift the 1986 ban on commercial whaling; however, regrettably, they have also put off taking any action that would improve the status quo and end Japan, Norway, and Iceland’s bloody whale hunts once and for all.

The United States had backed a compromise deal that would allow the rogue whaling nations to continue commercial whale slaughter under regulated limits, despite the arguments of scientists that in order to truly protect whale populations, whaling must come to an end altogether.

Rather than attempting to negotiate with pro-whaling countries, who have been accused of both violating the moratorium and bribing other members of the IWC for votes, the U.S. should move forward by taking the firm stance to protect whales taken by the leaders of Australia and New Zealand. As reported by the Environmental News Service,

"Lifting the moratorium on commercial whaling would have been a serious and retrograde step. That is why Australia has fought so hard against this proposal, along with many like-minded, pro-conservation nations both in the lead-up to the IWC and here on the floor of the commission," said [Australian Environment Minister Peter] Garrett.

"It is now time to close the door on that proposal and move forward, whilst building on the increased understanding that has emerged from these processes," he said.

"New Zealand is firmly committed to the elimination of whaling in the Southern Ocean," said Foreign Minister Mike McCully. "We want to see a significant improvement on the status quo, with an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean at the earliest achievable date."

One thought on “Whaling Ban Continues, But IWC Fails to Rein In Pro-Whaling Nations

  1. Ingrid Shaw says:

    Yes, keep up the pressure. So many people want to save whales and will help in all the campaigns. We must keep trying to stop whaling nations once and for all.

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