Welcome Chris Green!

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on May 31, 2013

ALDF is excited to welcome Chris Green as our new director of Legislative Affairs, a program which contributes to the passage of tougher animal protection laws in state and federal legislatures, as well as county boards and municipal councils. Equally important, the program works to block bills proposed by those who seek to exploit or endanger animals. Chris has successfully lobbied to enact several animal protection & environmental laws in his home state of Illinois and was actively involved in the 2007 signing of Illinois’ ban on the slaughter of horses for human consumption–immediately shutting down the sole facility still operating in the U.S.A., and effectively bringing an end to the practice nationwide.

Chris graduated from Harvard Law School and the University of Illinois, where he earned the endorsements of four different department heads to create a new academic program and the school’s first ever Environmental Science degree. As a law student, Chris was co-chair of his SALDF chapter when Bob Barker chose Harvard to become the first school to receive one of his Animal Law Endowments. Chris also won First Prize at Harvard’s inaugural National Animal Advocacy Competition, an event he later judged for several years.

In 2004, Chris published The Future of Veterinary Malpractice Liability in the Care of Companion Animals, in the Animal Law Review. That article was the first academic publication to calculate the fundamental economics of veterinary malpractice insurance–mathematically disproving much of the conventional wisdom the profession had relied upon to oppose awarding any damages beyond a companion animal’s replacement cost or "fair market value."

Chris has been a member of the California Veterinary Medical Association’s Non-Economic Recovery Task Force as well as an advisor to members of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Task Force on the Legal Status of Animals. Chris was later a founding Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee, an advisor to the National Canine Research Council, and served on the Board of Advisors for the National Center for Animal Law, as well as being a member of the American Veterinary Medical Law Association and Illinois Farm Bureau.

Chris has consulted on animal legal issues for CBS News, Dateline NBC, Science Magazine, Smart Money Magazine, Chicago Tribune, & Washington Post. He contributed a section on liability issues for the book Vet Confidential: An Insider’s Guide to Protecting Your Pet’s Health, and frequently lectures on animal valuation matters & exotic animal ownership at law schools and veterinary colleges around the country. Next year, Chris will serve as Chair of the American Bar Association’s Animal Law Committee during its 10th Anniversary term.

Outside of his animal law work, Chris has spent the last couple decades working in the music, film & fine arts industries–conducting business in over 30 countries on five continents. For most of the 1990’s he traveled as a Tour Manager for several platinum-selling rock bands (including Wilco, Fastball, members of Metallica, and the Lollapalooza festival). He later produced the award-winning films Kurt Cobain About a Son, Beautiful Losers, and Favela Rising (which was short-listed for the 2005 Academy Award for Best Documentary). Most recently Chris founded the production company Dissident Industries, which produces the Robert Wilson Video Portraits–a series of over 100 artistic portraits featuring Hollywood actors such as Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp & Salma Hayek, alongside Nobel Prize winners, professional athletes, and blue collar laborers. Chris also owns & manages the internationally touring exhibition of those artworks. In addition, he manages a farm that has been in his family for over 175 years, and which allowed him to know and appreciate the animals on the farm. As a result, Chris has been a vegetarian for 25 years. He is happy to now be making animal law the full-time focus of his professional life.

Welcome, Chris!

One thought on “Welcome Chris Green!

  1. Phil says:

    Some would claim that shutting down horse slaughter facilities and banning that practice actually results in many more horses being abandoned, neglected, or otherwise mistreated. While horse slaughter may not be the ideal solution to a complex problem, it is likely more humane than relegating horses to abandonment and neglect. This problem might be better solved by a top down approach that actually reduces the number of horses destined for slaughter instead of an approach that essentially creates a bottleneck full of horses that are no longer needed/wanted.

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