Victory! Bears and Bobcats in California Protected from “Hound Hunting”

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on September 18, 2012

(Photo by Annica Sweenie)

SB 1221 was signed into law on September 26, 2012. Thanks to everyone who made a call and wrote in on behalf of animals! Hit "redial" or "reply" to thank Jerry Brown for making strides to protect bears and bobcats.

We were victorious with SB 1221, but one more important bill which we had hoped would pass was vetoed by Governor Brown.

SB 1221 bans the cruel practice of “hound hunting” of bears and bobcats in California, and was signed into law by Jerry Brown on September 26, 2012. But SB 1480, which would have prevented barbaric forms of trapping that are cruel and inhumane, was vetoed.

Take Action

Thank Jerry Brown for making a positive change for animals in California! If you have never called a
government official before as an animal advocate, here’s what to do:

  • Dial (916) 445-2841. To reach a
    representative, first press 1, and then press 6. You may have to hold.

When the staffer picks up, say the following in a polite and friendly manner:

  • “Hello. I am calling to thank Jerry Brown for signing SB1221 into law. I would like to thank the Governor for being an advocate for animals in California.”

The staffer may ask for a few other
details, but usually this is all that is required. It’s quick and easy!

Pick up the phone and make the call today!

14 thoughts on “Victory! Bears and Bobcats in California Protected from “Hound Hunting”

  1. cindy says:

    I called. Thank you for making the steps so easy.

  2. Mary Ann Frost says:

    Very easy to do folks. Nice guy on the other line and just needed to give them my zip code. Thank you ALDF.

  3. David Erba says:

    I made the call. It was super easy and quick.

  4. shelley says:

    took a whole 30 seconds ; ) well worth it .

  5. Sarah Townsend says:

    I agree. Very easy to do and very nice gentleman answering the call.

  6. Kat Nelson says:

    Yes, you made the call easy, however, the line was busy. I take this as a good sign. There must be a lot of people calling in! I hope and pray the Governor signs these bills. Thank you.

  7. Cappi Patterson says:

    called … lots of calls coming in …. hope our side has the most.

  8. Susan Perry says:

    !OUCH!…OOPS!? I tried calling at 3:38 PM, but I got a “disconnected or no longer in service” message. Something must have gone wrong, or they cut the line because they were flooded with calls. It’s hard to know which.

  9. Suzanne Loomis says:

    I called the Governor’s office today to support these bans – I know he is an inherently compassionate person – so I hope he will take note of our calls. thanks for the alert.

  10. Bryson Schenk says:

    I made the call today thanks for making it easy.
    I hope he uses sound judgment and good common sense to VETO such a slanderous bill. I figure that my post will not be added amongst those prior. As a concerned citizen and Californian I must voice my opinion. You may not agree with me and thats your God given right. Just as running my hounds is mine, thank you for your time.

    Sincerly- in disagreement

    Bryson Schenk(BUSINESS OWNER)
    Corning, Ca

  11. Shiela Cockshott says:

    I called Gov. Brown’s office last week. Nice staffer. Keep reminding people to do this before the 30th.

  12. whbrown says:

    this is great, it just shows what can be done to stop things like this happening, i am in south africa right now but i will try to call him

  13. al celentano says:

    GOOD SHOW! Let’s keep it that way forever.

  14. Gayle Tilman says:

    I made the call to thank Gov. Brown and I also want to thank ALDF for all your hard work to help stop animal cruelty.

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