Urgent Alert for Louisiana Residents: Support the Animal Abuser Registry Bill

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on April 26, 2010

Please show your support for Louisiana’s animal abuser registry bill! Call, write and/or attend the hearing for HB 201, scheduled for Thursday, April 29. Please act now!

HB 201, sponsored by State Representative Walker Hines will establish an animal abuser registry in Louisiana for those convicted of certain crimes against animals. Once convicted, these offenders would be required to register with the abuser registry for ten years. This information would be available to all law enforcement agencies in the state to help in the prevention of violence and protection of animals.

HB 201 is an essential crime-reducing and cost-savings tool for Louisiana. The animal abuser registry it creates will:

  • Help reduce the risk of new animal victims at the hands of repeat offenders. And owing to the strong correlation between those who abuse animals and those who are violent towards humans, it will help to reduce the risk of human victims as well.
  • Save Louisiana communities money by helping to reduce the number of repeat offenses by animal abusers. A single case involving the care and rehabilitation of abused animals can easily cost a municipality tens of thousands of dollars.

HB 201 will be heard on Thursday, April 29 at 9:30 a.m. before the House Administration of Criminal Justice Committee (Room 6, House of Representatives). Louisiana residents: please contact the members of this committee today and express your support for the bill, and, if you are able, please attend the hearing and speak in support of this important step forward for the protection of animals in Louisiana. Your elected officials need to hear from you!

House of Representatives Administration of Criminal Justice Committee:

Ernest D. Wooton (Chairman) (R)
(504)393-5603 (Fax)

Damon J. Baldone (Vice Chair) (D)
(985)872-2319 (Fax)

Roy Burrell (D)
(318)676-7139 (Fax)

Mickey J. Guillory (D)
(337)457-5649 (Fax)

Lowell C. Hazel (R)
(318)767-6084 (Fax)

Frank A. Howard (R)
(318)256-4137 (Fax)

Walt Leger III (D)
(504)556-9972 (Fax)

Joseph P. Lopinto ((R)
(504)456-3808 (Fax)

Barbara M. Norton (D)
(318)632-5889 (Fax)

Jonathan W. Perry (R)
(337)898-1160 (Fax)

Gary L. Smith, Jr. (D)
(985)764-6710 (Fax)

Charmaine Marchand Stiaes (D)
(504)942-7833 (Fax)

Ricky J. Templet (R)
(504)361-6687 (Fax)

Ledricka Thierry (D)
(337)948-0384 (Fax)

Mack "Bodi" White (R)
(225)791-2199 or (800) 408-9764
(225)791-9203 (Fax)

Thank you for supporting this important bill to protect animals and communities in Louisiana!

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