Tying the knot — and supporting ALDF!

Posted by Lisa Franzetta, ALDF's Director of Communications on August 19, 2011

Last month, at a small urban church in Los Angeles, my friends Jennifer and Jason tied the knot. A sunny California wedding celebrating the union of two animal lovers and all-around excellent people is worthy of numerous champagne toasts, in and of itself. But Jennifer and Jason made the day a reason for animals to celebrate as well–by asking friends and family to donate to the Animal Legal Defense Fund in lieu of other gifts.

Jennifer and Jason explain, “"While it’s important that animals get rescued and fed by aid organizations, there are shortfalls in the legal system when it comes to animals that ALDF can help fix. We can appeal to a person’s sense of decency to treat animals well, but they also deserve protection under the law."

My friends have just begun their married life together–but they already have a family in their rescued dogs Fry and Scruffy. Before they were fortunate enough to be adopted by Jennifer and Jason, Fry had been abandoned in the Bronx, while Jennifer encountered Scruffy when he wandered into a trench at Sardis, Turkey where she was working on an archeological excavation.

Determined that their wedding last month be a true family affair, Jennifer and Jason “felt really bad that the dogs couldn’t be in the wedding itself. It was going to be too hectic of a day, and we didn’t want to stress them out, especially since Fry gets anxious easily, and Scruffy would literally be standing on the buffet table eating everyone’s food. So they stayed at home with a dog sitter. But as soon as we got home from the wedding, we had them stamp their paw prints on our marriage certificate. It was really important to us that they also cosign."

As my friends show, there are many kinds of families–and many ways to support ALDF and our lifesaving work to protect animals through the legal system. "Animals take care of us, watch over us, and love us unconditionally,” Jennifer and Jason said. “We think it’s important to honor that with our devotion and protection."

Thank you two for your devotion to helping animals, and for making ALDF a part of your special day. Congratulations!

One thought on “Tying the knot — and supporting ALDF!

  1. Reagan says:

    We also asked for, and received, donations to the ALDF. Yay for love and the love of animals! :)

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