Top 5 Houses of Animal Horror

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on October 30, 2014


As Halloween approaches and we look forward to trick-or-treating and haunted houses, we are reminded that for many animals held captive in illegal conditions, the terror never ends. Filthy, bloody, dangerous, and painful cages may be fitting for zombies, ghouls, and goblins, but they are a living nightmare for the animals trapped in houses of horror that ALDF has taken on this year:

  • Briarwood Safari – Morristown, Tenn.—a roadside zoo near Knoxville where numerous violations of the Animal Welfare Act have gone unpunished, including an open socket end of a wire cord hanging inside a wallaby enclosure, empty water troughs, goats covered in flies, animals crammed in incredibly small enclosures, and feed bowls for alpacas covered in feces.
  • Stillmeadow Inc. – Sugar Land, Texas—an animal testing facility that failed to provide adequate veterinary care and used unapproved wire flooring that caused so much injury dogs were unable to move. It also failed to provide ventilation in one kennel room with the stench of ammonia so strong it burned the inspector’s eyes.
  • Crossland Zoo – Crosset, Ark.—a municipal zoo that failed to properly drain animal enclosures, letting large mammals stand for hours in water filled with feces. The zoo also allowed wires to poke through the wolf enclosure, endangering wolves and creating opportunities to escape. A tiger was suffering an injury for eight years and other animals lacked locked enclosures.
  • Cricket Hollow Zoo – Manchester, Iowa—extensive photographic evidence, visitor observation, and expert analysis indicate animals are suffering both mentally and physically. Enclosures were strewn with fly-laded meat and an emaciated lioness was witnessed vomiting. Highly social primates were kept in isolation so small it would be like locking a human in a phone booth.
  • Thomas D. Morris, Inc. – Reisterstown, Maryland – a commercial breeder of cows, goats, and pigs who failed to provide adequate veterinary care to animals again and again, including sheep in nearly 100 degree weather, as well as a goat with an egg-sized swelling and a lamb with a serious limp, neither of whom had access to any kind of shelter.

Want to do something about these houses of horror? Speak up for animals by signing ALDF’s Animal Bill of Rights and tell Congress that you believe animals deserve legal protection.

10 thoughts on “Top 5 Houses of Animal Horror

  1. James Mcleod says:

    Shut ‘me down!

  2. Anna Bridges says:

    shame on the so far #1 country in the world to allow these cruelty to be perpetrated to deffenless horses. Open your eyes America, the country is slowly sinking like the Titanic in so many ways. This is only one example how you are drowning.

  3. Erin C Regan says:

    Please do the right thing and do something! Many people grieve for these innocent sentient beings. But still too many people write them off as having no intelligence, souls, or feelings. That is ignorance. They have every right to share this planet with us and be treated kindly and with respect. Thank you.

  4. Susan Elwood says:

    So glad you were able to step in and help these critters. It makes me sick to think there are others out there,unknown and living a real nightmare. <3

  5. Leanne Pentney says:

    Animals under the care of man is to have protection from any and all harm. We are to provide them with the same humane treatment as we should people. To deny any animal of food, water,shelter and health care is cruel and an abuse of power. When people abuse, animals are at risk.When animals are abused, people are at risk. We need better laws protecting animals. Many thanks and God Bless those who speak for the voiceless.

  6. Lisa Smith-Elyea says:

    i thought this kind of abuse and cruelty had just become a felony. These places all disgust the hell out of me and shoud be shut down immediately.

  7. cheryl says:


  8. Kelly says:

    Shut them down!!!!!!!!!

  9. Maureen Allen says:

    How can we ensure these animals are rescued and rehabilitated swiftly?

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