Together, We Can Be Their Voice in Courts of Law

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on August 10, 2011

"I got it hemmed up…I attacked it again. I jugged it some more and cut its throat more."
– Thomas Martin Nebus confesses to stabbing Rosco

After an all-day trial last month, a Florida jury found Thomas Martin Nebus guilty of felony animal cruelty for stabbing his neighbor’s dog Rosco at least a dozen times in two separate locations on July 21, 2010.

In a violent attempt to separate two dogs, Nebus stabbed one of the dogs, Rosco, with a knife, and the wounded Rottweiler limped off to his owner’s yard, where he left a pool of blood from his injuries. Nebus went back into his house, then re-emerged and followed the injured Rottweiler into his neighbor’s yard, where he continued to stab and cut Rosco with a knife. Rosco’s injuries were so extensive that he was euthanized later that day.

No animal deserves a vicious, painful death at the hands of a vigilante neighbor. Join the Animal Legal Defense Fund today and help us ensure abusers like Nebus don’t get off with a slap on the wrist – and to win real justice for animals like Rosco.

Prosecuted by ALDF Attorney Geoff Fleck serving in his dual capacity as an Assistant State Attorney, Nebus now sits behind bars in a Florida jail cell while awaiting his sentencing date later this month.

ALDF is a relentless legal advocate for our clients — animals and the people who care about them — and we will not rest as long as any animal is being abused. And it’s because of your generosity that ALDF can use its legal expertise to fight animal cruelty.

Together, we can be their voice in courts of law.

One thought on “Together, We Can Be Their Voice in Courts of Law

  1. Denise Goldmann says:

    A proud day for Animal Rights!!! Thank you for all you do Mr. Fleck! We could use about 100,000 more just like you!

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