Thrown Away Like Trash… Patrick the Miracle Dog on the Road to Recovery

Posted by Scott Heiser, Director of ALDF's Criminal Justice Program on April 19, 2011

Such are the headlines of the many news stories recounting the discovery, rescue and ongoing rehabilitation of a Newark, New Jersey dog named “Patrick” (so named because his recovery started on St. Patrick’s Day). The defendant, Kisha Curtis, is reportedly now charged under N.J. Stat. Ann. § 4:22-17(b)(1) for the reckless “torment [and] torture” that Patrick endured while wasting away to half of his normal bodyweight–a process that veterinarians say takes at least 30 days.

Patrick shortly after he was pulled from the trashThink about that period of time: 30 days. Think back to what you had for dinner a month ago. Consider what it might feel like to go for 30 hours without eating. Now think about what it would be like to go for seven days without food… Expand that to two weeks of no food. Imagine what it must feel like to crave food so badly that you are willing to eat rocks, plastic, wood or feces just to put something into your stomach. Starvation causes terrible suffering.

Fortunately for Patrick (and, as it turns out, Ms. Curtis) Patrick didn’t die. Under New Jersey law, assuming that Ms. Curtis (who appears to have a Facebook page and is now out on bail, pending a court appearance on May 6, 2011) has no prior convictions of a similar nature, the maximum possible sentence, if convicted, is 18 months (not years) in custody and a $10,000 fine. That’s because this form of protracted and aggravated animal abuse is only a “fourth degree” crime. (Note that New Jersey ranked 47th in ALDF’s 2010 State Animal Protection Laws Rankings.) If Ms. Curtis happens to have a prior conviction under § 4:22-17, then the theoretical maximum sentence would increase to 3-5 years of incarceration and a $15,000 fine.

It is important to recall that we are dealing with theoretical maximums here–most states, like New Jersey, allow defendants to shave 20% off their sentence for “good behavior.” N.J. Stat. Ann. § 30:4-140. Further, in New Jersey a defendant can “earn out” even earlier with work credits of up to one day off their sentence for every five days worked. That is another 20% cut. The bottom line on the maximum possible net sentencing if Ms. Curtis is convicted: (a) 14.4 months of actual time with the “good behavior credit” and (b) 10.8 months if she lands a job while incarcerated. Thus, the 18-month theoretical maximum is only a pipedream. A sub-eleven month jail term seems indefensibly short given Patrick’s profound and protracted suffering – suffering which was caused by, at best, a callous disregard for the value of life.

There are, however, options to remedy such a gross injustice. For example, while the defendant is currently charged with only one count of animal cruelty (via torture and torment) for allegedly starving Patrick nearly to death, the prosecutor could also charge the defendant for the alleged bagging and throwing of Patrick down a trash chute–such conduct would fall squarely within N.J. Stat. Ann. § 4:22-17(a). More significantly, this conduct could be alleged as a separate criminal episode – distinct and divisible from the long-term starvation – and a conviction on this separate charge would give the court the option to impose consecutive sentences, thus increasing the defendant’s maximum possible net sentence. See, State v. Carey, 168 N.J. 413; 775 A.2d 495 (1999).

Patrick’s plight has moved many to action, and you can rest assured that ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program will gladly provide every resource at its disposal to the Essex County Acting Prosecutor to ensure a just outcome in this very compelling case.

82 thoughts on “Thrown Away Like Trash… Patrick the Miracle Dog on the Road to Recovery

  1. LourdesZaragoza says:

    Hermoso perro, valiente y luchador que con la ayuda de personas generosas ha sabido sobrevivir al salvaje trato que le dio Kisha Curtis a la que deseo un dolor semejante a lo largo de su asquerosa vida.

  2. Reda says:

    The person responsible for this horror deserves more than what the law will allow.
    There is NO excuse for this, none at all!

  3. Sharon Bartlett says:

    Hopefully, Patrick will get justice for all the suffering he went through!

  4. Miss Kisha Curtis is an ugly despicable human piece of filth, and deserves a lengthy jail time, no animals ever in her future and she should have her face and name plastered all over shelters and made to work for free at cleaning out the dead animals, the litter and feces, and any other type of shock treatment that a shelter can expose her to for 2 years or its more jail time, Shame on you, you need to hang your head in shame.

  5. Kisha Curtis’s facebook says she went to Duke University and is now the manager of a porn site. ?????!!!! WTF! I hope she is prosecuted beyond the fullest extent of the law. This case should set a precedent regarding animal cruelty/torture/starvation and NJ should get tougher in their laws.

  6. Ultra Realist says:

    As an animal rescue volunteer, I have seen and heard such horrors committed on beautiful, loving animals over and over again. Animals and children are pure beings that rely on the care and love provided by [supposed wiser] adults. No penalty is stiff enough for a monster like Curtis. She should be exterminated and save everyone precious time and money. Rid the world of such evil (I am tired of hearing the excuses these subhumans give when their ‘pet’ is abused or starved.) Pets are not some accessory like a new handbag or pair of shoes. They require care, love and devotion. A bullet in the cylinder for the likes of Curtis; let’s send a message that there is zero tolerance for abuse and neglect. Done …. next ….

  7. Ruth Mccullough says:

    The legal punishment for what Ms Curtis did to Patrick shown in your article would be laughable if it didn’t have such serious outcomes. Please do your best to ensure that she has to answer as many charges as possible & gets the worst punishment possible.

  8. maria restrepo forte says:

    Patrick has inspired many to stand up for the rights of defenseless animals. An admirable outpouring of interest and donations has made it possible for Patrick to receive the wonderful care and attention he has received. The woman responsible for his condition is already denying the hurt imposed on Patrick but I sincerely hope (1) she is forbidden from ever ever owning any kind of pet during the rest of her life and I hope New Jersey laws are strong enough to punish her for this horrific crime. She must be a heartless individual and I, for one, would not want her anywhere near me or those I love.
    I hope justice prevails and lets not forget all those other dogs that are suffering at the hands of others and those puppy mill owners who only care about the Dollar while depriving them of any quality of buy. If you want a pet adopt from a shelter and don’t buy from a pet store.

  9. G. Ford says:

    Good article, great video. The genuine sweetness of Patrick that has touched thousands of hearts is so apparent in this video. Thank you for including it.

  10. Cheryl says:

    There’s 1 thing I think the LAW should consider… That Curtis person thing, might be better of in jail & the longer the better… I know how crazy some Animal Lovers can get when they see a Precious Baby (any Animal) mistreated and the worse the abuse the worse the feeling of Revenge!!! I can’t say I blame them either!!! But the longer she stays in jail the more time the Animal Lovers have to cool off. So lets try to get her in jail forever, I mean “safe” from the revenge. For as long as possible. Lets see how many important Officials We can write to to get her the Stiffest Sentencing!!!!!!! C’mon everyone, We need as many people as We can possibly get!!!! Please, HELP!!! For Patrick & all the Others who suffered under the hands of things that posed as Human Beings!!! Please? Help!!!

  11. Laura says:

    Kisha Curtis is going to have to find a Grave site or hide under a Rock, for the rest of her life. Now that should be interesting, spend some of Patrick’s donation money, plastering her Mug Shot up on Billboards and Transportation Centers, Buses, Subways and what ever else it takes, throughout the City/State of NJ and the surrounding area.

  12. Dee Raines says:

    This disgusting piece of pig fat should get 25 YEARS minimum for what she did to Patrick.
    If she couldn’t care for him then she shouldn’t have taken him. There is absolutely no excuse for the abuse she put this poor dog through.

  13. Laura says:

    I want her to starve for 30 days and be thrown in the trash…disgusting

  14. loretta says:

    i hope she will not be allowed to get away with this she deserves to be thrown into a womens prison and let the inmates deal with her two things they wont stand for
    any harm to children
    any harm to animals

  15. Belinda says:

    I just hope that this woman gets a a big fine and a tough sentence it needs to show an example on That we won’t stand Animal Cruelty
    She should also be asked to pay every Cent back that it has costed to get Patrick back to his health then the monies coming back can help other Dogs in need!!!

  16. Sandy Purser says:

    You get what you give! Treat her in the EXACT same manner in which she treated Patrick! If justice is not served here…it will be served in the end….either way…a despicable excuse for a human being and she deserves NOTHING less than what the law will allow. Her actions were PREMEDITATED! SHE PREMEDITATE IF SHE SHOULD FEED HIM OR EVEN SHARE HER OWN FOOD. SHE PREMEDITATED WHERE TO TIE HIM UP SO SHE DIDN’T HAVE TO BE BOTHERED. SHE PREMEDITATED HOW TO DISPOSE OF HIM ONCE HE WAS HOURS FROM DEATH! I beg you…MAKE KIESHA CURTIS AND EXAMPLE ONCE AND FOR ALL FOR THE OTHER THOUGHTLESS, UNCARING, NON-HUMAN BEINGS THAT WALK THIS EARTH. THIS ACTION BY HER IS UNEXCUSEABLE AND MUST BE MET WITH HARSH PUNISHMENT! Same thing for child abusers! Im just sick by this….Praise God for Patrick and all the folks working so hard to bring him back to good health and find a loving home! MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!

  17. Joanna says:

    This person deserves to starve for 30 days and by the looks of her facebook, she looks like she could use a good starvation!!!

  18. Janelle Lizotte says:

    Do the same thing to her that she did to this poor defenseless animal, take a picture everyday of her suffering and deterioration, the post for everyone to see. If she survives, throw her ass in jail for the rest of her miserable life!

  19. We started Patrick the Oregon Movement along with other states to increase awareness of animal issues and to lobby for stronger legislation.

  20. D. Porter says:

    Ghandi said…”The greatness of a Nation and it’s moral compass can be judge by the way it treats it’s animals”.
    Ms. Curtis is obviously NOT great nor does she possess any real moral code. She is a deviant. For the lawmakers of our country to continue to treat such cases as Patrick’s (and be assured there are FAR too many more) as anything less than a gross violation of another creature’s right to life is a miscarriage of true justice.
    Time to get real serious with these abusers. Animals are the start. Studies prove that. STOP the chain of abuse!

  21. chantele says:

    this mrs.curtis, is honesty horrible! how could someone even think of doing that to a poor innocent animal? all they wana do is be loved and cared for just like any other living this on this planet. The poor dog couldnt even do anything to help himself because he was probably confused about why the person he loved most was hurting him. i personally wouldnt even let her out on bail at all… id send her to jail and torture and starve her for 30 days just to watch her rot like she did to patrick! Patrick, i wish you the best and hope u get better soon! what she did to you was horrible :( all my prayers go to this poor dog! god bless u patrick (L) i cant wait to be older have and have lots of money so i can start a chairty against animal abuse.

  22. MaRanda Kiser says:

    I want to write something to her on her facebook so bad, but I’m sure she doesn’t even check that thing anymore because of all the nasty that everyone has written her. What a HORRIBLE cruel piece of human feces she is. How can her family even look at her and stand the sight of her. How does anyone call her a “friend” anymore. How could she scoop up that poor animal’s body and put it in the chute? Why didn’t she surrender it? Why didn’t she bring it to an animal hospital???? I bet she’s on heroin or crack or meth. Something horrible that makes you think about nothing but yourself. I mean, PORNOGRAPHY??? I’m sure that’s just “fancy” for “flunked out of college with a drug problem and became a hooker.” I’m ashamed that she ever went to a school in my home state and I sure hope that she doesn’t think no one in Durham will recognize her. This made me cry and want to vomit.

  23. CharlotteS says:

    I don’t even have the words to describe how I feel about this horrible repulsive act. It’s just evil.
    The person who did this is obviously blinded by her own darkness and should be treated adequately. I don’t know how to treat this kind of a person.

    I believe though that in the end she will get what she deserves – it might just come in unexpected ways.

    My heart goes out to Patrick the dog.

  24. JoAnn McKnight says:

    If it were up to me, I would lock Ms Curtis in a cage and starve her for 30 days then beat her to death with a baseball bat. People like her doesn’t deserve to live and walk the face of the earth.I say kill all animal abusers.

  25. Janet.Sternbach says:

    Just saw video CRYING AGAIN, I hope you all wrote to the judge they had her address on spca, I did and PLEASE dont forget to keep donating for animals, I have so much to say, but Im going to go feed our LITTLE SWEEEEET PEA< bull terrier, I say that because these people are the PIT BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our love looks like petie from the little rascals!! I dont even like to smoke around him and if he is in the same room we put fan on and cover him with all his BLANKEYS!!!!!Take Care to all ,Janet in CT. PS- I cant see my life with out him, hes 8 yrs now I just hope he will live for an EXTRA LONG TIME!!!!!!!!

  26. She is Trash and deserves to be put in the Garbage! When she is in jail, the key should be thrown away and they should forget to feed her! hahaha ((*_*)

  27. Karen Ritchie says:

    Can we please wake up! It happens in your own back yard. Take the time to notice animals, get to know them. Then you can step in and help poor defenseless animals. Don’t be the one to say not my problem…Be the one to find a solution. Love to all animals.

  28. Scott Heiser is my hero and I say that to a very small handful of people. Please notice that Newark Mayor Cory Booker has spoken out on this issue in a wonderful way – you need to hear him in his own words. While listening, please contrast to the lying creep of a mayor next door in NYCity. Here’s Cory though:

  29. Cindy Wines says:

    Thank you ALDF for going to court to fight for Patrick. This poor defenseless dog that had no chance. I hope this loser gets 5 years in jail plus a $100,000 fine to show other animal abusers what can happen and this goes on her record as an animal abuse like a pedophile or any other criminal. Shame on her!!!!

  30. cathy c says:

    let this vile creature kisha curtis know so many have seen the effects of her cruelty on patrick. she or it, she is one ugly woman, has a facebook site, let her know she has made a lot of enemies,patrick and his plight has united many and ms curtis has become the public face of animal torturers-just as patrick has become the face of the animal victims of cruelty

  31. angie locke says:

    God and humans has taken care of Patrick,, one day God and st.Francis will take care of kisha curtis,,all ways remember,,you get 3 x worse then what you give out,, an eye for an eye,, a tooth for a tooth,,Patrick will live in every ones hearts for ever,, kisha curtis and others like her will live in hell forever,,

  32. Sandy Lueker says:

    All I can do is agree with everyone who posted on this site..I can say with some certainty, that there is a special place in HELL for this kind of beast and I hope she pays for the rest of her life and the rest of her death for what she did to this poor sweet dog..She should be made an example of what people will get if they do this to a living thing..:She doesn’t deserve to breath the same air as Patrick…I have followed this case from the beginning and God Bless the wonderful people who cared for this dog and made him whole again..he deserves the best life has to offer for what he went thru and should be the poster dog for animal abuse everywhere..God loves you Patrick and so do I and thousands of others..You will never be unloved again! Hugs and kisses to you sweet boy! xoxoxoxox

  33. Bran says:

    I want her face plastered all over the nation with her name added to an animal abuse registry. This non-human creature should be made an example of. New Jersey, please don’t be a fool!

  34. Cheryl says:

    Let’s have a picture of the witch’s face to plaster everywhere in hopes she will be reviled and spat on wherever she goes.

    She is the one who belongs in the trash.

  35. Ms. Hassler says:

    Kisha Curtis should be left to starve for weeks to fully understand what poor Patrick endured. My heart goes out to Patrick and the people who have cared for him during his recovery.
    What an awful thing to do!

  36. Sylvia says:

    Everytime I see a dog or cat that has been abused I cry out loud then I talk out loud to God and ask him why. Why must I live in a world with such cruelty. This makes me so angry because I can’t understand why people do this to animals when they can’t defend themselves.Is like children & the elderly.
    Someone told me this is Hell I said No this isn’t hell. God created this beautiful world for us to live in. Its a gift from God for us to appreciate and value all that it has to offer.Yes there is a hell after death for those who have disobey the Lord but this isn’t hell.Life is what we make of it.I love this world everything in it except for bad people who has no heart no feelings no love.
    I adore and love all animals. I have 3 dogs of my own. All rescue dogs. I brought back from a vacation trip to Puerto Rico a stray female dog wandering in the beach. I felt for her and couldn’t leave her there so I brought her back with me to Florida. I have a Pitbull who I found by my lake and a full breed Labordor who has been abused by his owner.My heart goes out to Patrick. I cried when I read his story.Thank you to all that made his life possible. You all have a stairway to Heaven. God loves all of you for taking care of his creature. God Bless you all oxox

  37. Bill A says:

    I would like to rip this sub-human to shreds. I would love to tie her pathetic disgusting sub-human self on a rope and let 5 pitbulls maul her to death, slowly, painfully for 30 days and nights. There are no words that can convey my personal sorrow for such a sweet canine being cruelly tortured to death. Absolutely disgusted. What an ugly sub-human excrement. Stone her to death. Please expunge this carcass off this earth ASAP.

  38. Pat says:

    Ms. Curtis, to me, is a piece of offal and should be treated as she treated the poor dog! How dare she do this to an innocent animal. We are the care takers of all creatures great and small. If she could do that to a dog, to me, she could do that to a child. I do not feel she should be allowed to either have children or ANY KIND OF PET. Jail time should be mandatory!

  39. T.KRAUS says:


  40. Irene says:

    Poor Patrick! The prosecutor should file on this less than human creature under N.J. Stat. Ann. § 4:22-17(a), and go for the maximum sentence! That would be two charges on her and maybe she would be in jail for more than 14.4 to 18 months. Also she should NOT be allowed to ever have another animal. What this calls for is a lynch mob, after she’s been thru the same treatment that she doled out too this poor, brave dog.

  41. Ava says:

    I hope that whoever did this has the same thing done to them! Sick!

  42. Janice says:

    I too wish she could have food and water withheld from her for 30 days! I also hope the state of New Jersey does make an example out of her and that it never happens again. Sadly I know it will but at least we have the ALDF to fight for these abused animals. Thank you ALDF for all you do.

  43. Fendrayton says:

    I have just seen the picture of Patrick as he was when he was found. Its a pic I have never seen before and although the images conjured up by my imagination as I read all the articles about him were pretty ugly, THIS photos is 100 times worse than I EVER imagined. He is TRULY a MIRACLE to be alive and it brings to mind images of the “camp survivors” during the war. Its too bad that the pic couldn’t be blown up to billboard size and plastered all over the city where the court case will be held. That ought to take care of the lenient sentence problem.
    I DO believe there IS a HELL somewhere, and am confident this piece of trash is on her way, but I’m afraid in the meantime she will continue to live a decent life and enjoy its pleasures. Such a shame. I DO like the idea of an information leak to her fellow inmates though… THAT would be swift JUSTICE!

  44. Faith Atkinson says:

    I couldn’t agree more with all the comments. Why is this torturer out on bail?????????????????????????? What the hell is wrong with these Judges?

  45. Devin says:

    I can say that I truly HATE this woman, and anyone who does these kinds of things to the innocent. She doesn’t deserve to breathe. She doesn’t deserve to live.

    I love you Patrick.

  46. PAM says:

    May this subhuman be cursed and may it come back around and happen to her. She should be euthanized! Sterilized so she can never breed at least.

  47. Fen says:

    I have just seen the picture of Patrick as he was when he was found. Its a pic I have never seen before and although the images conjured up by my imagination as I read all the articles about him were pretty ugly, THIS photos is 100 times worse than I EVER imagined. He is TRULY a MIRACLE to be alive and it brings to mind images of the “camp survivors” during the war. Its too bad that the pic couldn’t be blown up to billboard size and plastered all over the city where the court case will be held. That ought to take care of the lenient sentence problem.
    I DO believe there IS a HELL somewhere, and am confident this piece of trash is on her way, but I’m afraid in the meantime she will continue to live a decent life and enjoy its pleasures. Such a shame. I DO like the idea of an information leak to her fellow inmates though… THAT would be swift JUSTICE!

  48. rmhodgman says:

    This person is a nothing more than a hooker and star porn who has a facebook page. If any of you are better at the computer than I am take that horrendous picture of Patrick and post it on her page so all her “tricks” and friends can really see what she is which I could describe but I am sure it would not then be allowed to be posted. This scum needs the maximum sentence and to be made an example of for all abusers to see! Karma will get this trash … guaranteed

  49. Tuck says:




  50. Lori says:

    I hope she gets the maximum penalty. It needs to happen in order to set an example that people can NOT get away with this abuse anymore. I follow Patrick on Facebook and I’m SO happy that he is better. I’m also happy that so many people around the world have stepped up with helping abused animals everywhere. They need our voices and help to stop the abuse that has gone on too long!

  51. Gianna says:

    Lock up the human piece of garbage that did this for a LONG time. When she gets out, mandate she gets a f/t J-O-B- under supervision of a parole officer with random home and drug checks to insure she NEVER gets another animal. Send a strong message to other evil animal abusers that if they get caught, life as they know it is OVER FOREVER.

  52. Pat says:

    I think we should send this curtis woman to the middle east and tell the Tailaban to stone her and when she’s close to death cut off her head slowly!!!!!!!!

  53. Becky says:

    While in a perfect world it would be wonderful if all the offenders received the “true and just” punishment they deserve, we all know this doesn’t happen. However, the best outcome of all is that Patrick is free of that person, is getting better and will hopefully find a new and wonderful home with loving “parents”.

  54. Steve Reeves says:

    This woman is trash, starve her!! I’m sure she’s not missed many meals.

  55. Dirk Rogers says:

    The picture of Patrick looks like a dog long dead.If not then an animal that should be killed as quickly as possible.Look at him now…….The person who did this should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and never allowed to have any animal again.DISGUSTING.

  56. Judith Tiedemann says:

    When I see and read about this type of thing, I’m not only horrified, but my heart is shattered at the sheer horror that Humans can perpetrate against God’s Creatures.
    If only they could all be rescued and taken care of. Patrick is one of the few lucky ones, even though his life has been shortened by the stress put on his organs.
    Patrick’s purpose here, I believe, is to show us all how awful conditions are for some hapless animals, and that, through no fault of their own, they can fall into the most dire of circumstances.
    Thank God for the Rescuers, the Volunteers, the Veterinarians and all who helped save this dog and so many others like him.
    As for the woman who abused him, I’ve heard of programs in Prisons where stray and Rescued dogs are brought into the Prisons and assigned to Prisoners who then are put in charge of the care, feeding and general welfare of these animals.
    This is good for the animals, as they leave the Prison to be put up for adoption, and good for the Prisoners, as they learn what it is to care for and be loved by, a dog.
    I’m very convinced that the woman responsible for Patrick’s horrible condition has had some very bad experiences which led her to have a loose screw when it comes to animals.
    After going through such a program as I’m suggesting, the remorse and guilt that she will suffer will more than cover the wrongs she has done. I’m not saying she shouldn’t serve time , but I am saying that she needs to know on an experiencial level what it is that she’s done.

  57. Mike says:

    Don’t waste the taxpayer’s money by throwing her in jail…just euthanize this waste of humanity!

  58. maria restrepo forte says:

    After seeing Patrick and the many other abuse cases I read about and I put that together with the animals that are legally euthanized I wonder what kind of society we really are. It shames me and I feel great pain for these innocent creatures.

  59. Adair Leonard says:

    This woman, Ms. Curtis, deserves a lot more than 18 months in prison. Furthermore, she should be monitored and not allowed to ever have another pet. I hope Patrick finds a forever, loving home which he fully deserves. I don’t understand why animal abusers don’t receive stiffer penalties.

  60. Hilda Estrada says:

    Patrick’s pain and suffering cause by his owner, instead of caring for this precious animal. She (this piece of S***) should be charged not only for starving-abuse of a living creature. But also with bagging his poor still alive body and throwing Patrick down the garbage chute, like garbage-like dirt.
    And she (This piece of S***) did not give Patrick a second thought. I pray the NJ Prosecutor does the right thing – Justice for Patrick and Jail her ass for years not months.
    Remember a life was tortured and thrown down the chute. If she did this to a Baby, what will
    the justice system do?? NJ needs NOW strict
    law for animal abuse of any kind.

  61. Pamela says:

    She deserves to get what she gave. See how she likes it tied up with no food and water for a few weeks. She needs to serve as an example to the other morons who are doing this to innocent animals.

  62. george y thomson III says:

    what i think should happen to her is to treat her the same as the dog. put her in a small room and give her nothing!!!!!! maybe some water just so she has to think about what it would be like to have something to eat.

  63. Shilohbloo says:

    “A righteous man regards the life of animals” – PROVERBS 12:10; “If you have men who will exclude any of God’s creatures from the shelter of compassion & pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men” – FRANCIS OF ASSISI; “I hope to make people realize how totally helpless animals are, how dependent on us, trusting as a child must that we will be kind and take care of their needs…(They) are an obligation put on us, a responsibility we have no rights to neglect, nor to violate by cruelty….” – JAMES HARRIOT; “The greatness of a nation & its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” – MAHATMA GANDHI.

  64. Robert Hodgemann says:

    Look at the facebook of this black trash! She proclaims to have attended Duke University and graduated high school. Not only a dog abuser to the worst extent but a liar, she is but a whore who proclaims to be a the manager of a pornograghy business – you went far nigger! Duke University needs to sue your ugly fat ass for you even having that on your facebook. I hope one of your tricks tortures you before he slices your throat

  65. vanne hanisch-godoy says:

    The bitch that treated Partick like that should NEVER; I MEAN NEVER be allowed to have animals in her possession again!!!!!!!!!

    Knowing there are evil beings like her distresses me!!! Animals are a part of our families; and you DON’T treat family members like that!!!!!!

  66. Nancy says:

    The reason she is getting such a light sentence is because non human animals are still considered property under the law. While we keep using words such as “owner.” Nothing will change.

    Also as horrific as what Patrick suffered this type of behavior is standard practice in animal agriculture- I have seen piles of dead and dying animals at stockyards, much like you see in Nazi concentration camp footage.
    All are equally horrifying.

  67. Laureen says:

    It is so wonderful to see that he is doing well. He looks so loveable and sweet that you could just hug and kiss him to death. Where would we be without the loyalty and love of our pets? They just add so much to our lives. I have seen very ill people recover from having a pet. There is nothing in this world that would make up for what she did to this dog. I just hope she realizes this.

  68. Karen Barry says:

    I use to think twice about owning a pit bull, now seeing pit bulls being criminally abused, and being the loving and forgiving dogs, they surely are, I would own one. This evil women owner, Ms Curtis, is the REAL PIT BULL THAT SHOULD BE BANNED FOREVER FROM SOCIETY!!!!! And also from ever owning or working around animals.!!! Who does she think she is to heinously, attempt to murder this beautiful creature of God.? MAKE HER SOUL REST IN HELL. FOREVER.!!!!

  69. H. Renshaw says:

    I cannot imagine anyone with an ounce of compassion in them – contemplating anything so cruel on an animal who totally depended on her to feed it. Obviously she never ‘loved’ it. Sad.

  70. judith says:

    while in jail-give her only bread and water–the bare minimum-let her experience a little bit of what it feels like to be hungry all the time

  71. Zema McMillan says:

    Ohh what makes these people tick?? how can anyone treat an animal with such neglect to watch them suffer slowly to die, makes me cry to see that photo of the poor dog…I hope she gets Jail and if I had my way she could stay and rot in there, the despicable and disgusting apology for a human being…

  72. Laura says:

    I cannot get over the picture of when he was brought in. He looks like (and I hate to put it like this)he was dug up from a grave. He doesn’t even look alive!!! He had a strong will to live and you guys are true miracle workers!!!

  73. Dove Betts says:

    I found her Facebook site. One only has to look at her site, even, without adding her as a friend, to see how shes thinks and feels.

    I will never understand this type of cruelty and can, only, hope that she will not only be incarcerated, away from doing any harm to other animals, but treated for what is, obviously, a deep, psychological disturbance.

    Incarceration, by itself, will do nothing to erase the sickness that pervades her thought process or her lack of compassion. She is a, seriously, disturbed individual who, will ultimately, do harm not only to animals but to human beings.

    My visceral reaction was anger, and disgust…but that does nothing to solve the problem, regarding her actions or countless others, in society, who inflict their anger, and sickness, on defenseless animals. She needs to be psychologically evaluated. She is a dangerous individual, who, as statistics show, will commit other crimes.

  74. I could only afford to chip in $10 to the chip in fund for Patrick, but it is the most treasured $10 I ever spent. Yeah for Patrick!!!!

  75. Michelle says:

    This literally brings tears to my eyes. I am at a loss for words. Patrick is a precious gift and deserves someone who is worthy of his love… and who will love him even more.

  76. sharon stringer says:

    I have followed Patricks story from the very beginning and fell in love with this AMAZING STRONG and Gorgeous little boy, how ANYONE could inflict this amount of utter torture on such a sweet and innocent animal is so beyond me.I think that Kisha Curtis deserves to be the MOST HATED AND VILE CREATURE ON THE PLANET!!!!She needs to be starved and tortured just like what she did to Patrick and i hope she gets her just desserts big time,lets make an example of her to show others this inhumane treatment of ANY animal is NOT OKAY!!!!

  77. Nola Chambers says:

    Kisha Curtis is a worthless excuse for a human and I am ashamed to be in the same species category!!! How anyone can do such a thing or even hurt another innocent creature in any way is totally beyond my comprehension! I firmly believe that she should be slowly starved, just like she did to Patrick, but never receive any medical help. Should she survive, she should be put in prison for the rest of her life and locked in the same cell with a lifelong dog lover!!! I pray to God that she is never allowed to have an animal within ten feet of her ever again!!!!!

  78. Dawn Kirch says:

    Please make sure he goes to someone you know & trust, he has suffered to much to ever have to know that again. I love you Patrick, I have that picture of you on this video for making a donation for your care I have it on my desk & will keep it there all my life.

    Love You Always Patrick,
    Dawn Kirch

  79. ourida aoufi says:

    Beyond belief. This woman should stay in jail all her life. She is not at all suitable to live in any society. How can the judge let her go with only an 18 months sentence ? Terrible news. She should be put through the same torture she had given to the poor innocent dog. She deserves it. The picture of Patrick has left me in tears. I can’t get over what he has been through. He is a miracle to have survived such abuse. I am sure Allah will punish this woman in life before her death.

  80. Betty Harris Walmsley says:

    The woman that did this to Patrick is a horrible piece of Shit. She should be tied up and not fed for 30 days, then thrown in a trash pile at the trash dump and left to rot. How could she sleep at night knowing that poor dog was in the other room suffering so bad. I went on her Facebook page and looked at her pictures. She sure looks like she is well fed. She looks so smug in all her pictures, like she thinks she is so great…I hope they put her in jail for a long time. The inmates will deal with her in their own special way and I hope she will wish she was dead. God will serve his justice down on her in unexpected ways. People don’t get away with their evil. It might not happen right away, but somewhere down the line, she will get what she deserves (maybe cancer…I hope so). Patrick, you are a very special dog .. your sweetness just shines out from your adorable face. I hope you will get better and that you will be adopted by a family that will give you all the love that you deserve.

  81. Michelle Storace says:

    When I saw the photo I could not believe that he could be alive. All of you people are FABULOUS. THANK YOU for the work that all of you do.

  82. Viv Cowley says:

    When I first saw Patrick just after he had been rescued, I thought ‘no way, this poor dog can’t be alive, he looks like a preserved fossil’ but he was alive, just and thanks to all the wonderful, wonderful people who have looked after him, he is now well and truly back to being a beautiful dog again. Poor, poor little dog, he didn’t deserve this. THANK GOD he was rescued in time and will now be able to go on and live a happy and fulfilled life. Dear little guy I love you and would love to hold you close and kiss your sweet little face, please someone out there, do this for me. As for the witch who tortured him – death is too good for you. I hope you suffer some day the way he did, otherwise there definitely is no justice in this world. I’m not going to waste any more of my precious time on you, Patrick is all that matters. Be happy little one – I really do love you.

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