The True Costs of Factory Farming Exposed

Posted by April Nockleby, ALDF's Online Content Manager on May 2, 2008

This week marks a major victory for farm animals. After an independent, 2 1/2 -year analysis, experts released a report Wednesday calling for major changes in the way corporate agriculture produces meat, milk and eggs.  

The report, "Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Production in America," concludes that "concentrated animal feeding operations," or CAFOs, not only fail to provide the humane treatment of livestock, but also have an impact on human health and the environment, and undermine rural America’s economic stability.

Sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trusts and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the report finds that the “"economies of scale" used to justify factory farming practices are largely an illusion, perpetuated by a failure to account for associated costs.”

Read the Washington Post article here.

Download the full report here: "Putting Meat on the Table: Industrial Farm Production in America." (6MB PDF)

One thought on “The True Costs of Factory Farming Exposed

  1. Penelope Ostergaard says:

    While I applaud the 6 states who have passed
    legislation preventing extreme confinement of farm animals, I would like to know why the rest
    of the states are not passing legislation.

    Where did the U.S. go wrong? Agri business turned farming into big business where profit was everything, crowding farm animals into small spaces where they become sick because of the horrible conditions they are required to live in. That in turn requires antibiotics to be administered to control diseases that farm animals develop because of the intense confinement. Also, the runoff from this type of farming has polluted our land and water.

    Why hasn’t the American Medical Assoc., the American Veterinary Association, Churches, Politicians and the American consumer condemned this terrible abuse? America, you looked the other way and allowed helpless farm animals who cannot speak or defend themselves to be tortured and treated as if they cannot feel pain.

    I hate to be blunt, but you who have caused this terrible injustice will rot in Hell, not
    the animals.

    Sincerely, Penelope Ostergaard

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