The Role of Journalists in Protecting Animals: Interview with Will Potter

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on November 4, 2014

ALDF sat down with award-winning investigative journalist and author Will Potter recently at the 2014 Animal Law Conference. Watch the interview:

Will is a co-plaintiff in ALDF’s lawsuit challenging Idaho’s “ag gag” statute, which attempts to criminalize constitutionally-protected free speech. Why? To “gag” and silence whistle-blowers who tell the truth about illegal activity on factory farms, including unimaginable animal cruelty.


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For more about these issues, see ALDF’s interview with Will Potter, where we discuss his book Green is the New Red: an Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege, the ways animal advocates are persecuted by FBI, and the cultural war between the corporate agricultural industry and the public. And learn more about ALDF’s casework against ag gag laws here.

4 thoughts on “The Role of Journalists in Protecting Animals: Interview with Will Potter

  1. Mark J. Dinkel says:

    “AG gag” is the rule of law gone amuck. It punishes people who attempt to expose inhumane treatment, cruelty and abuse while seeking to protect the perpetrators of cruelty and their overseers who profit from the abuse. “Ag gag” does not seek to promote a just society but instead speaks to a society where might makes right and profit is protected no matter the cost to principle. “Ag gag” provides legal protection for criminal

  2. Juanita Tays says:

    I really don’t know where to start with my problem and I am hoping possibly you can help me or point me in the right direction. I have a 9 year old llasha Apso who had all of her bottom teeth when I took her in for a groomer and was missing 3 bottom teeth when I picked her up. I am extremely upset over this. Can you help. She had her teeth cleaned by a Vet in Sept and he told me this evening if these teeth would have been loose they would have removed them

  3. Laura Beth Slitt says:

    Ag-gag is the culmination of emerging corporate rule over politics. While Americans tout their “freedom to choose,” the stark reality is that the men and women behind the curtain of power, use every means in their reach to manipulate people into buying their products, and staying invested a self defeating system. Everyone that spends their money on animal agriculture, which includes the medical and veterinary industrial complex, purchases their own disease care system, and supports a government whose priority is commerce, not children’s health, environmental health, or the essence and spirit of moral law. A social system that requires total disconnect and desensitization for the suffering of innocent animals, that same system ignores its moral obligation to protect children from physical, mental and emotional harm. Every conflict the US enters for resource wars, harms and kills children and animals and is horrible for the environment. Ag-gag efforts are the predictable culmination of the far reaching tentacles of the meat matrix, animal dominion paradigm, dating back centuries, willing to survive as it is challenged and unveiled like never before. Prying the nails out of this ancient class system built on the backs of a view of animals as property is a daunting challenge but groups like YOURS ARE DOING IT!!!

  4. Jay C. Davey says:

    ***Thank you to all those who are helping to (((make things get corrected/changed for the better!!!)))

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