The Lies Behind Foie Gras

Posted by Carter Dillard, ALDF's Director of Litigation on December 14, 2011

This time of year many people will buy foie gras, believing the industry’s lies that these diseased bird livers, produced by force-feeding ducks and geese, are somehow humane.

If they were produced humanely, it is odd that California would have banned their production and sale – joining more than a dozen countries that have done the same, that Wolfgang Puck would refuse to use foie gras, and that the Pope would have condemned it.

One of the reasons I began a career as an animal protection lawyer was my desire to help end the most barbaric forms of factory farming, combined with my struggle to understand how someone could argue straight-faced that force-feeding an animal so that its organs became mutilated – just so they taste "better" – was justifiable. Since that time I have litigated several cases regarding foie gras production, and examined thousands of pages of records, including testimony by experts on both sides of the issue. I have become convinced that defenders of foie gras production have to deny the obvious facts involved – that they are willing to destroy an animal’s organs while it is still living, or patronize those that do, just to improve taste. They have to change the facts because being the sort of person who would do that to an animal, or patronize those that do, is inconsistent our shared view of what it means to be decent.

One has to change the facts to justify it. Well, that is not a proper justification. It ought to be enough – for anyone who eats animals- that these animals died to become food without their being mutilated first. That is getting closer to what it means to be decent. People who feel otherwise are no different from other types of animal abusers, and would have to lie to themselves not to see it.

Speak out against foie gras! Join the Animal Legal Defense Fund in urging the USDA to place a warning label on foie gras stating "NOTICE: Foie gras products are derived from diseased birds."

5 thoughts on “The Lies Behind Foie Gras

  1. Dawn Harvey says:

    This is a cruel practice and the suffering needs to end. Another case of torturing animals for the pure greed and desires of man.

  2. Elaine Al Meqdad says:

    This is absolutely cruel and inhumane, sick and wrong, just so these arrogant wealthy people can feel like they are “oh so rich”, when in actuality, anyone who would eat fish eggs (Caviar) and stuffed inhumanely to the gills, any animal , which in this case, is the liver are just plain the stupidest people on earth!

  3. Maria Isiaho says:

    I have always been an animal lover and this like so many other animal abuse stories just broke my heart. These people are inhumane and greedy! I pray more people will speak out and give a voice to these animals who have no voice of their own.

  4. deborah wood says:

    Walk a mile in my shoes … If we could only do to them what they do to the animals …. we could end the suffering in a generation.

  5. Erin says:

    The reason why foie gras is still made is because people consider it a delicacy. What they don’t realize behind it is how cruel the practice is to the animal. It’s not humane in the slightest. Some states have banned it and some country’s have made efforts to outlaw it, but what is it going to take for it to go away completely? I think that shows like Top Chef and other cooking shows should not use it, because chefs using it on the show is only making people interested in what it is and what it tastes like. People should look up the stress that the animal goes through.

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