The Generosity of Animal Advocates

Posted by Dale Thompson, Development Associate on December 25, 2014

Once a week, as part of my work to keep Animal Legal Defense Fund donors up-to-date on our work for animals, I get to meet with ALDF’s founder, Joyce Tischler, the “the mother of animal law.” During one of our recent meetings, I asked her how it feels knowing that so many people support an organization she bravely started from scratch. She looked at me thoughtfully and then responded: “humbling.” For each gift we receive, no matter the size, everyone at the Animal Legal Defense Fund feels a deep sense of gratitude because our supporters make it possible for us to create a better world for animals. It’s also inspiring to know that there is such a large, generous community of people dedicated to animal protection.


We’ve received touching gifts in all shapes and sizes, and if you were to ask any one of us how it feels to have this kind of support, we would all agree with Joyce: it is humbling. Just a handful of humbling moments at our office include the following:

  • A little girl cracked open her piggy bank and gave us all her savings—she even sent a picture of the piggy bank!
  • Every year, a mother encourages her children who are eight and five to save their money and pick a charity to give it to in December. This year they chose ALDF.
  • The entire eight grade class at a nearby junior high school held a fundraiser for ALDF.
  • Our supporter, Eileen Francisco, did a double marathon and raised $10K for ALDF.
  • We just processed an annual check for $25 from a donor who has been giving for more than two decades.
  • People have donated their cars to us.
  • Many of our supporters honor a deceased pet by making a contribution to ALDF in their memory.
  • More than 75 people have left us in their will.

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