The Future of Eggs, and Beyond

Posted by Ian Elwood, ALDF's Online Editor on March 27, 2013

In March 2013 ALDF visited Josh Tetrick, CEO of Hampton Creek Foods, at his SOMA headquarters to talk about the future of humane eggs. The company is getting lots of attention in the media and was recently endorsed by Bill Gates for having a unique and visionary mission. Its goal? To make factory farmed eggs obsolete by replacing them with plant-based ingredients–a truly humane egg.

Watch our latest 30 Second Animal Law to learn more about how Hampton Creek Foods is aiming to revolutionize our food system, one muffin at a time.

Cracking the Code

Founded on the premise that the majority of uses of eggs–muffins, cookies, bread–can be easily replaced with more healthful, humane, and environmentally sustainable plant-based ingredients, the company’s flagship product, Beyond Eggs, has already won over numerous critics in taste tests. See our full interview with Josh Tetrick below for more insights on how his egg replacer can drastically improve the lives of animals, simply by eliminating an unnecessarily cruel ingredient.

Sit, Speak, Share!

No trip to Hampton Creek Foods would be complete without meeting Jake, Josh’s best friend and co-commuter who greets all visitors with a wagging tail.

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8 thoughts on “The Future of Eggs, and Beyond

  1. Stephen Wells says:

    Great to see visionary business-minded people, like Josh, coming up with solutions to create a much kinder, safer world for animals.

  2. Friend of Animals says:

    Great to see someone with the potential to make a huge difference not only in the lives of animals but for our diet as well. The way animals are treated is heart wrenching. I hope we can move quickly to make a difference soon.

  3. Laureen says:

    I am in Canada, and would love to see a company like this open up here.

  4. Lila Bett says:

    Kudos to you for doing this. ANYTHING we can do to make an animals life better is a win for them, us and the environment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jacob Dijkstra, M.D. says:

    I had pretty much given up on business people, until this man came along to show us that there might be hope in this new generation.

  6. Natalie Buchinsky says:

    This is so inspiring. I sometimes think the world is just overrun by greedy, ignorant, inconsiderate people and I get so sad… I can’t express how literally invigorating it is to know there are people like this out there, counteracting that devastating force every day – not only for themselves, but for as many people as possible. Thank you, Josh.

  7. E. Gaston says:

    This is wonderful. When will these faux eggs be available? I want to go fully vegan but eggs are giving me trouble! I hope this guy gets rich. Humane all the way!

  8. Clare Mann says:

    Josh – your company is taking an inspiring leadership position – thank you for being part of the revolution that is changing the way we live on this planet.

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