The Correlation Between Climate Change and the Meat Industry

Posted by April Nockleby, ALDF's Online Content Manager on September 4, 2009

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If you haven’t had a chance to watch this video of Jeremy Rifkin, president of the Foundation on
Economic Trends, talk about the devastating role
factory farms are playing in the climate change crisis, take a moment to watch it now.
According to the 2007 report by the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture
(FAO), livestock generate a whopping 18 percent of
human-related greenhouse gas emissions–that’s even more than the
gas-guzzling transportation industry.

In an interview with Jeremy, he said, "It is astounding when you think about the importance of this issue. The
fact that the United Nation’s Food and Agriculture (FAO) report lists
livestock-raising as the largest single contributor to global warming
is an eye-opener. It is astounding and shameful that it has not been
reported by the media." During his keynote presentation at ALDF’s 2007 Future of Animal Law conference held at Harvard Law School, he urged animal rights advocates to raise this issue to the forefront, saying, "This is a moment for the animal rights community to go to the next stage of its development and to claim leadership in raising the critical correlation between climate change and the meat industry."

Watch the video and let others know about this important issue today!

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