The Candidates on Animals

Posted by Dana Campbell, ALDF Attorney on September 22, 2008

­­I’ve decided that I’m going to be like Angelina Jolie. [If you’ve seen what I look like, you’re likely asking “how ya gonna pull that off?”] What I mean is, in terms of politics. Remember a few weeks ago when she responded to reporters’ requests to reveal which presidential candidate she would vote for, and she demurred, saying she was waiting to hear the candidates’ position on the issue closest to her heart–international refugees and orphans–before deciding? Now, I don’t believe Angelina is a single-issue voter, and neither am I, but let’s just say we are for today, in case the media comes clamoring to our doorstep again. My heartfelt issue? Animal welfare of course. Where do the candidates stand on protecting animals and their habitats?

Barak Obama’s position is basically outlined here, under the Issues section of his website in a subsection called Supporting the Rights and Traditions of Sportsmen:

Here you can see his take on gun control, hunting and conserving wildlife and fish, national forests, wetlands, and climate change. (PDF)

John McCain covers the same territory as Obama but in 2 separate sections of his website, one called Natural Heritage and one called Climate Change.

Perhaps the most helpful comparison may be found on the Humane USA website, which has a scorecard containing the above Senators’ votes on animal-related legislation introduced in the U.S. Senate during the past year. Humane USA bills itself as the nation’s largest animal protection political action committee.

However you vote, inform yourself with the facts that matter most to you, and vote.  Now, I must touch up my lipstick in case the media comes calling, mistaking me for Angie.

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