Thanks for Helping the Cows!

Posted by Joyce Tischler, ALDF's Founder and General Counsel on April 11, 2008

We want to thank the many of you who made donations to support the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s campaign for dairy farm reform. As always, we’re moved by your generosity.

As we wrote last week, Animal Legal Defense Fund is at a crucial turning point in its campaign for dairy farm reform as we take the Free Baby Mendes campaign to the Supreme Court of California.

Country music icon Willie Nelson has joined our campaign to stop the cramped, inhumane conditions calves at Mendes Calf Ranch are force to endure. Such intense confinement violates state anti-cruelty laws, which require that animals be provided with adequate exercise area.

We need your financial support to continue this fight against the factory farm industry’s cruel and illegal forced confinement of thousands of innocent animals.

On June 19, 2006, ALDF first filed a complaint in Tulare County Superior Court against Mendes Calf Ranch for isolating and confining newborn calves in crates.

Located in Tipton, California, Mendes houses calves for approximately 80 different dairy producers. After birth, baby calves are almost immediately taken away from their mothers and shipped to the facility, which houses as many as 12,000 calves at one time.

Country music icon Willie Nelson last month joined over 22,000 supporters who are pushing for dairy farm reform by signing on to ALDF’s Free Baby Mendes campaign. Willie Nelson has written letters to Land O’Lakes and Challenge Dairy, two of the major corporations that use milk from calves raised at California’s Mendes Calf Ranch.

We are now appealing this lawsuit in the Supreme Court of California and we urgently need your help to continue to push forward on this landmark court case!

Your support and generosity will help make a difference for these baby calves! Thank you for your efforts to help Free Baby Mendes.

One thought on “Thanks for Helping the Cows!

  1. Holly Fletcher says:

    I would love to have any update on this case.
    I cant believe how those baby calves are treated. What a shame! It angers me to see the calves in such small crates, actually it breaks my heart! Thank god for your organization, I truly hope you guys win the case!!

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