Tell the World Why You Signed the Animal Bill of Rights

Posted by Ian Elwood, ALDF Online Editor on November 6, 2013

Thanks to everyone taking action for the first ever Animal Bill of Rights Week! We are making great progress in raising awareness of our Animal Bill of Rights—but we still need your help to reach our goal of one million signatures!

Chances are you signed the Animal Bill of Rights already, and watched our Animal Bill of Rights Video. Today’s action doesn’t involve signing a petition or sending a message to your lawmakers—today we are asking you to tell the world why you signed the Animal Bill of Rights. But you don’t have to be the first one! The Animal Legal Defense Fund kicked things off by gathering Animal Bill of Rights signatures at a few local events, and asking people to write down the reason why they signed. The responses were amazing!

Check out the slideshow below to see all of the responses:

Now it’s your turn! Grab a piece of paper and a marker—right now—and write down why you signed the Animal Bill of Rights. Then, hold it up in front of yourself and take a picture. Now you are ready to share it with the world! To participate just do one (or all) of the following:

If you aren’t sure how to do one of the actions above, click the link for a quick how to.

We will collect the photos and add them to our gallery during the day so you can see all the other people taking action to raise awareness about the Animal Bill of Rights. Check out photos as they come in on Facebook, and watch the #AnimalBillofRights hashtag on Twitter. Thank you for helping us get the word out to people—you are truly a voice for animals!

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17 thoughts on “Tell the World Why You Signed the Animal Bill of Rights

  1. dawn says:

    Animals have knowledge, emotions, a sprit a soul, and feeling just as humans, just because they cant literally talk as humans, dosent mean there less of worth, actually we are there voice, let me ask?… if your own child or someone you loved had no voice would you want society to think of them of less as a human being and having no worth or would you still want them to be treated with love and dignity,…animals are no different, everyone means everyone and everything wants to feel love, be wanted and love and feel as tho they have a place somewhere in this world, and yet for an animal , its there world too and yet they have to fight to be here , or struggle to have a place in this world and yet they share it with us,whats wrong with some of humanity, why do some think there God, and can decide what is or isnt of any worth or value, especially when it comes to the animals they choose to so badly and cruley mistreat,&sometimes even kill so inhumanly!!!

  2. dawn says:

    Animals desver to be loved too,they share this world with us, and as we can teach them , they too can teach us!!! There all amazing!!!

  3. Barb Nelson says:

    Being kind to animals is no less virtuous than “Doing Unto Others”.

    Animals are all God’s creatures. They can think and they can feel. No one has a right to harm them so it’s up to us to protect them against those who would.

    ~Love Your Pet~

  4. Help stop animals pain they DO feel PAIN so respect them and stop this cruelty now.

  5. Laurie Mahar says:

    I am trying so hard to fix the wrong that is being done to animals. You have to get supporters, very little help from the government and none from hsus. If I was not doing my job I would get fired and be replaced by someone who was. I am reaching out because I need others to see the wrong doing and help fiz it!! Animal abuse is rampid, the ones that are supposed to be stepping to the plate are not, gassing is being used in the U.S.SHUTTLE BOXES ARE USED TO ELECTRICUTE OUR ANIMAL AND SOMETHING MUST BE DONE!!!

    1. It would be helpful while you are working so hard to stop animal abuse and “reaching out” is to properly understand what is actually happening, who is who and to at least allow persons to respond to the emails you are sending out.
      Screaming “foul” to every situation is not assisting those who are in the trenches and who need allies more than finger pointing. We need real support.

  6. Laura Valencia says:

    Somos hijos del creador, somos hermanos!!!

  7. Dawn Miller says:

    Please help our animals big and small ..they help us in so many ways …dogs heal, they detect illnesses like cancer blood sugar drops ..epilepsy, comfort people with anxiety , pain . help tremendously with the disabled. dogs work for the police, the fire department ,military bomb sniffing ,they work in search and rescue, they comfort the autistic and elderly and they are a true friend …they work on farms ect. why don’t they have RIGHTS ????? people that hurt animals have very little consequences and high probability that they will do it again ..the system is broken and all animail abusers need to be locked up but doing hard labor and never to be around animals again this system has run its broken course and those that don’t want to grow need to step down ..I will work at making this happens !!!!!

  8. Mary Stephanie Rost says:

    I sign because animals have no voice. They have no rights they suffer they have emotions have pain they should be treated humanely….. It’s about doing the right thing in life when you do the right thing you don’t have to worry and have bad karma..

  9. Pamela Coburn says:

    Make animal Abuse a FELONY, instead of a misdemeanor (a hand slap).

    These four footed friends need people to stand up for them.. Until you have loved one, you don’t have any idea on how a misdemeanor does nothing to help them.
    Thank you for listening!!!

  10. Laurie Miskell says:

    “I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”
    –Abraham Lincoln

    This says it all…

  11. Cynthia Hood says:

    Animals are God’s creatures. They have a beating heart and a soul just like humans do. They have the same feelings as humans do. They feel love, joy, pain, fear, depression and anger. It’s appalling the way domesticated animals are treated in this country and worldwide. It must end.

  12. Denise Kastner says:

    Animals need us to be their voice. Humans are torturing them, stealing their young for profit, cutting them open and draining their organs while they are still alive and with no pain killers, boiling them in water or oil to de-skin them while they are still alive and while hundreds of others of their kind watch the torture. Men in Turkey are using dogs in place of prostitutes and breaking their spines in the process and leaving them to die. Chimps/cats /dogs/rabbits/mice/rabbits etc. are caged in tiny cages never knowing what grass or sky or fresh air is, for their whole lives while being tortured for unnecessary science experiments. Bears are cut open and have bile drained from their gall bladder and their children’s gall bladders. These mother bears cannot bear the pain and the cries of pain from their young who also have bile drained from them so they kill their young and themselves to stop the pain. Does this sound like a stupid animal to you? Need I say more? It’s up to us to stop the torturers and murderers or we are no better than them.

  13. Denise Kastner says:

    A long time ago there was an elephant who was tortured with a lit cigarette from his capture who was trying to teach him to obey in a circus. This poor animal was burned in his mouth, eyes, private parts, ears, inside his sensitive trunk, every where, over and over. The animal after years of this abuse finally attacked and killed his abuser. Benjamin Franklin, yes the famous Benjamin Franklin, wanted to test his electrical experiment, so he suggested electrocuting this poor elephant to torture it for killing the abuser. The experiment was done in a public place, and the elephant suffered a death worse than horrible because it had to be electrocuted over and over to get the right amount of electricity to kill it for what? Just because it wanted it’s torturing to be over? Do you think this was a fair way to treat this animal after what it endured? Well this kind of thing is still happening today in every part of the world. The abusers just don’t want you to know about it.

  14. Jiun Lam says:

    Just like we humans have our rights, so do animals! Like us, they deserve to be heard and protected from the abuse, torture, harm and suffering caused by humans.

  15. Jiun Lam says:

    Be kind to animals. We are all a part of the web of life!

  16. Andrea L Tackett says:

    Stop animal cruelty. Let the punishment fit the crime. Make it a felony!

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