Speak Out To Help Animals In Your Community

Posted by April Nockleby, ALDF's Online Content Manager on April 21, 2009

Speaking out against animal abuse is one of the most powerful actions advocates can take to help animals. It was the action of one woman who alerted authorities to the horrific scene of eight starving horses in a North Carolina field that helped bring them to safety and end their unimaginable suffering.

Each of us has the power to make a difference for animals and speak out on their behalf right now! By sending a letter to your local newspaper editor, you can let your own community members know how they can join in the fight against animal abuse. Send your letter today in a few easy clicks using ALDF’s Letter to the Editor web form!

Your action is critical in winning the case against animal cruelty. Animals have no voice in our court system of their own, and so we must speak out for them. Send a letter to your editor today and please, make a donation to help send ALDF’s team of attorneys to North Carolina to finish the fight for the surviving horses rescued from the field!

2 thoughts on “Speak Out To Help Animals In Your Community

  1. Frank says:

    Great blog and call to attention for this important cause.

    Have you heard of the supreme court case about the sporting dog videos of pigs and animals being killed by dogs AND how they are fighting it saying it a violation of free speech – sickening. I don’t see a write up here about it??

    I wrote about it in an animal rights blog I just started (but not as good as yours!!!) – dogandpetrescueblog.blogspot.com

    Also FYI – Dogpile.com and Dogreatgood are donating a portion of every search to the Humane Society & Petfinder – as well as $200,000 to the ASPCA this year alone.

    Now we can help by searching there instead of the BIGGER guys!!!

    Continue to spread the word – it’s great!!!!

  2. Here’s a blog post by the director of ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program, Scott Heiser, about United States v. Stevens — the “Depiction of Animal Cruelty” case: http://aldf.org/article.php?id=692 We will be posting additional information about this case and ALDF’s involvement with it shortly.

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