Spaceless in Seattle

Posted by Ken Moore, Animal Advocate, Guest Blogger on July 26, 2010

Have you ever felt so passionate about a social issue… yet when you explain your position to others, rather than igniting a similar passion their eyes just glaze over? Since I started learning about the plight of the three elephants at Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo a year ago, I’ve experienced this frustration over and over again. Sure, part of the problem may be my speaking style (do I wave my arms too much?) but I think the big culprit is lack of brevity. I don’t have enough fingers and toes to enumerate all the facets of suffering these creatures endure, and trying to cover all these points in a single discussion has been my recipe for failure. So decided to try something new…

I produced Spaceless In Seattle to make the elephants’ case in two to three minutes (before minds begin to wander). Working with local activists and some well-known elephant experts to unearth the most compelling statistics, I created a short script and produced the illustrations. So far the response has been very positive, but we need all the support we can get — please watch the video and share it with your friends. Any passion ignited makes it all worthwhile.

Urge the City of Seattle to stop funding the Woodland Park Zoo’s cruel elephant exhibit. Sign ALDF’s petition today.

5 thoughts on “Spaceless in Seattle

  1. Lauryl Berg says:

    Spaceless In Seattle is powerful and heartbreaking…
    I have posted it on my FB page and am sending to my email contacts…
    I don’t understand why WPZ continues to torture those elephants when setting them free to roam at the sanctuary would be good for the zoo’s reputation and be the best course of action for the elephants…
    The final scene where the elephant circles around and around that tiny cage — a crime.
    thank you for your video Ken, and for your efforts on the animals behalf,
    Lauryl berg

  2. Amanda says:


    After reading the following link (and signing the petition), I “Googled” Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo so that I could contact them personally to express my outrage at the conditions the elephants are being kept in.

    While on the zoo’s website, I came across the following link, which shows information diametrically opposed to the information given in ALDF’s petition and and the further heartbreaking evidence shown in this video.

    I deeply care about this issue and would appreciate any insight anyone could give me on why the zoo’s elephant exhibit web pages are so different from the conditions shown in this video. I would like to know if it would be helpful if I (and hopefully many others) contacted the zoo personally (by phone as well as email) to question their disgustingly false advertising. Or, would this complicate and possibly negatively influence ALDF’s legal case (and therefore we should refrain from contacting the zoo at this time?)

    Thank you very much for any information anyone can provide.

  3. Thank you for your interest in this case. We do not suggest contacting the zoo on your own at this time. Rather, please ask others to sign our petition and help spread the word about the condition of the Woodland Park Zoo elephants. We are confident we’ll prove our allegations when the time comes.

  4. Amanda says:

    Thank you ALDF for your advice about not contacting the zoo directly at this time. I will take your advice and wish you all the very best in this case. You are true heros. I have already posted this to my Facebook account and have emailed it to everyone I know asking them to sign the petition.
    Amanda Sather

  5. Ken Moore says:

    Amanda, you’re not the first to notice the discrepancy between the stats in the video and the language on WPZ’s website. Please see for in depth answers to frequently asked questions including yours.

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