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Posted on December 16, 2013

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7 thoughts on “Share for Stronger Animal Protection Laws!

  1. Toni says:

    Find another source of entertainment, No need for this abuse!

  2. Michigan Legal Aide for Animals

    We have started a Grass Roots Effort against the St Clair Shores Police Department for killing Female Lab Mix ~ Lexi… SCSPD lied about the what happened and their is video tape to prove it.
    Please contact Brittany Ann, she is/was the owner of the dog. The website above will give you all the necessary information. This needs to stop, residents are frightened to have their fur babies outside for any reason now.

  3. janet gross says:

    Need strick laws AGAINST animal abuse…its sick whats happening to our animals..more prison time is needed…stop the abuse…please….

  4. Judy Bryant says:

    Stop the abuse, please!

  5. Patrizia Scally says:

    Tougher laws AGAINST animal abuse prevent crime

  6. PATTY JACKSON says:

    Every year 250,000 pet dogs are shot to death by police officers all across the United States of America. There are no laws that protect them. We need to stop Police from shooting our pets!!! We need a major movement in the United States of America.

  7. cheryl says:

    WE NEED TO STIFFEN “OUR” PENALTIES for ANIMAL ABUSE, and MAKE IT A FELONY!they Are living breathing , such as YOURSELF

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