Rescued Horse Diva Had Her Baby!

Posted by April Nockleby, ALDF's Online Content Manager on July 31, 2009

Rescued horse Diva recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl! Mimi is as beautiful and sweet as her mother. Both are doing well.

Before her rescue last December, Diva, along with seven other horses, was deprived of even minimal food and care. She was in severe distress and literally starving to death in a North Carolina field. Like her pasture mate Lacy, Diva was pregnant and without treatment, would have died.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund, the United States Equine Rescue
League, and a county animal cruelty investigator filied a complaint against Michael, Judy, and Gayle
Keating, for severely neglecting the eight horses whom
they starved–in one case, literally to death–and deprived of all
veterinary care. ALDF won permanent custody of all seven surviving horses. You can find additional information about ALDF v. Keating on our website.

Diva on the day of her rescue:

Diva in December, 2008
Diva in December, 2008

Diva and Mimi on July 12, 2009:

Mimi and Diva
Mimi and Diva

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4 thoughts on “Rescued Horse Diva Had Her Baby!

  1. rhonda says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Momma looks so good and baby looks pretty darn cute and healthy. Way to go. Thank you :)

  2. Jennifer George says:

    What an AWESOME result. Keep up the good work! Let me know if I can provide any legal assistance.

  3. Sarah says:

    If the case was won, and the keating are not supposed to have any animals or work with animals… then can i ask why they still have dogs, and Judy Keating still has 2 horses? ALL the animals need to be taken not just the horses!!!! ASPCA has had problems with them for years. Not just on horses but there dogs as well.

  4. Jennifer Hardacre says:

    How is the foal doing now (Oct. 2010)? It appeared to have seriously contracted tendons in its hind legs, causing it to stand on tiptoes. Has this condition been successfully treated?

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