Protect Your Food from Corporate Greed

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on February 27, 2012

Food safety risks, animal abuse, and illegal working conditions are rampant on factory farms, and the corporate agriculture lobby is attempting to pass so-called "ag gag" laws–laws which would make it illegal to photograph or videotape at agricultural facilities, or to possess or distribute such evidence.

Their goal is insidious: to prevent consumers from ever seeing the animal abuse, contaminated crops, illegal working conditions, and risky food safety practices–the sort that result in massive food safety recalls and all too frequently lead to outbreaks of food-borne illness–that are common practice behind factory farm gates.

Ag gag legislation:

  • hides animal abuse
  • threatens public health and safety
  • threatens enforcement of environmental laws
  • harms farm workers and whistleblowers
  • obstructs law enforcement
  • undermines freedom of speech and freedom of the press

Ag gag laws are of grave concern to everyone from journalists to whistleblowers to mothers concerned about the safety of their children’s food. See how the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s proposed Protect Your Food Act can stop the threat of ag gag laws from reaching your state at

You can prevent the mega-corporations that control most of our food production from passing laws that make citizen investigations a crime. Tell your state legislators to support ALDF’s Protect Your Food Act and prevent factory farmers from hiding what goes on behind closed doors.

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