Pressure Continues to Mount Against Bullfighting in Spain

Posted by Lisa Franzetta, ALDF's Director of Communications on January 12, 2011

In July 2010, the Spanish region of Catalonia voted to ban bullfighting, a cruel blood “sport” long entrenched in Spanish culture. The ban, the first-ever in mainland Spain, will go into effect in January 2012.

The latest indication of Spain’s waning tolerance for the cruelty of bullfighting is the recent announcement by a Spanish broadcaster who is refusing to air bullfights on television, citing children as the reason for the ban. According to a New York Times article, the state broadcaster, RTVE, said Saturday that it would not broadcast bullfights due to the risk of exposing children to violence against animals.

The fact that bullfighting has a long cultural history in Spain does not excuse the barbaric cruelty to bulls who are tortured and die incredibly painful, slow deaths in bullfighting rings. Our hats off to advocates in Spain working to end bullfighting, and to the broadcaster who took the initiative to stop this cruelty from hitting the airwaves.

14 thoughts on “Pressure Continues to Mount Against Bullfighting in Spain

  1. carol g says:

    good for the broadcaster!!!!! hail to him

  2. Jane says:

    This is just a unhuman thing which is covered by the name of culture. I think this should have to be banned.

  3. Letty Zepeda says:

    Just because something has been done for years, to the point that it is considered “tradition” does not make it right. People need to learn how to put themselves in the shoes, hooves, what ever it takes for them to understand the pain of another. Animals were placed on earth for us, humans to care for. To use animals in this manner, much like bear baiting or dog fights, is barbaric and inhumane. Remember, God watches all! Do not think that all you have to do is “pray for the forgiveness of sins” to enter the kingdom of God. Judgement Day, ever heard of that? Kindness and consideration of others, and not just humans, is the key to a ‘good life”.

  4. Leon M says:

    There are many cultural rituals and acts of violence that have been held up as long standing historical “traditions”.

    However, this does not justify the cruelty. Fortunately, over years, things change; and these seemingly cultural traditions are challenged and thrown out.

    Bullfighting is a horrific act of cruelty and should be stopped. Internationally, it is great that people are really starting to be concerned with animal welfare and animal rights.

    A society is best judged by the way in which it treats its animals.

  5. Phyllis Michailidis says:


  6. Laurie H says:

    This “Tradition,” needs to change and it’s PAST Due already! The senseless pain and torture of these poor animals should be STOPPED and never ever expose children to this murdering and violence. What will it take to finally stop torture of animals?????? We will be waiting and watching!~

  7. Heidi says:

    That was an excellent stand from the broadcaster. This barbaric “sport” should not be given any advertisement and should be stopped!!

  8. Steve Robbins says:

    Amen, Letty – if those who “enjoy” the “sport” of bullfighting were placed in an arena and subjected to the painful deaths that bulls are faced with, they would end this miserable spectacle in seconds.

  9. Phyllis Elliott says:

    The worst things about bullfighting are what we DON’T see — vaseline applied to the bull’s eyes so he can’t see the matador clearly, pins stuck in his genitals to create painful distraction (as if stabbing pics into his hump weren’t enough).

    Tradition is never a justification for bloodshed. Ancient Greeks had a sport of running towards a bull and vaulting over his horns. I find that much more impressive than luring an impaired animal to come close enough to be stabbed in the heart.

  10. Frances Saykaly says:

    I also applaud the broadcaster refusing to air the bullfights. Bravo to him!!! Culture – my a**!!!

  11. Eden Courtney says:

    To attempt to justify such unconscionable acts as animal blood sports by saying it is a cultural tradition is just so disingenuous. The Spanish Inquisition was a cultural tradition for 800 years but everyone recognizes and accepts that it is wrong. Heretics were routinely burned at the stake as was dictated by the cultural traditions in 15th Century, human enslavement of Africans was seen as a cultural tradition for hundreds and hundreds of years. So, at some point in time, when people become enlightened that what was once seen as an acceptable cultural tradition is, in fact, a barbaric act, it is discarded. I guess we haven’t reached the critical mass of public opinion yet to achieve enlightenment that all animal blood sports and all exploitation of animals is barbaric and should be discarded. So, we must be vigilant until we do reach the level of enlightenment necessary to see the day when it will be hard to believe we ever thought it was acceptable to exploit non-human animals.

  12. Sheldon Elam says:

    A glimmer of hope for the advancement of our species.

  13. Deanna says:

    SICK!!! Judgement Day cant come soon enough!!

  14. Sally says:

    Finally, some in Spain are entering the modern age and recognizing the barbaric so-called “sport” of bullfighting. It is time that this activity go the way of the ancient gladiators!

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