Pit Bull Photo Contest Winners!

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF's Staff Writer on June 21, 2013

Last week we announced a photo contest inspired by the work of the nonprofit group StubbyDog, who work hard to change the public perception of pit bulls, or “pitties” or even “pibbles” as they are often known to their human companions. We had so many adorable contestants! You can visit our Pinterest album to see for yourself!

It sure was hard to choose!

Runner Up

We had Mia, and her pet crocodile:

Mia the Dog

My name is Annalisa and this is our beautiful pit Mia. We found her wondering the streets dirty, hungry and lost. We took her in and gave her a place to rest her head until we found her family. After months of failed attempts to locate her owners the time came to decide her fate, we couldn’t imagine life without her. She had grown on us and claimed her spot in our family. Our family couldn’t be more complete which consists of myself, my six year old son Gio, our parrot Romeo and the princess herself Mia. She has been with us for 9 months and has finally found her forever home… with us.

Annalisa, we love Mia! I certainly can’t imagine anything less ferocious than a stuffed lizard and a sleeping doggy. Can you? But then we saw Lexi and it was pretty close. We’re not really sure what’s going on here, but we definitely want to know. Honorable Mention to you, Lexi!

Lexi (middle) was a runner up in our 2013 Pit bull photo contest.

Runner Up

Another favorite was an entry entitled “Sleepy Babies” and we think you’ll agree this touches at the heart of the trust, friendship, and love between good humans and their well-treated pittie friends. Meet Carrie:

Carrie was a runner up in our 2013 Pit bull photo contest.

Carrie is a three year old Pit bull with a heart of gold. She came into Paul’s (my fiancé) life because his niece and her boyfriend had adopted Carrie when she was just a tiny pup. Paul would go visit from time to time and he could see how special she was but unfortunately he also saw that she wasn’t receiving the attention and care that she so needed. At the time, Paul had a 10 year old tea cup Pomeranian named, Nala, yet he thought about Carrie every day. He would even drive all the way over to their house just to take her out to do her business. One fateful afternoon Paul’s ex showed up unannounced to re-claim custody of Nala… just took her, out of the blue, and drove off. Paul was devastated. Without knowing what had just happened, his niece called and asked, “uncle… do you think you could come get Carrie? We just can’t keep her here” and just like that, they were brought together & I believe, saved each other’s lives. Since that day my fiancé has trained her impeccably with love and confidence: he sings to her, pampers her, takes baths with her, does her nails, and to this day will pick her up & cradle her like a baby until she falls fast asleep. Carrie is a beautiful & happy dog who thinks she is a tea-cup pit bull.

Thank you Jantine & Paul for sharing this lovely story!


But our winner comes from Sarah, and her buddy Buddy.

Buddy the Dog

As Sarah writes:

My pit bull, Buddy, is one of the loves of my life. He walked into my life one day as a stray. I tried so hard to find him a home and thought I’d failed until I realized that he had already found a home in my heart. He cries when he can’t have his body snuggled up against me, and I’m always happy to have him there. He has forever changed me and inspired my interest in reforming BSL. One of my passions in life now is to change the way the world sees all “bully” breeds.

Thank you for all you dog lovers out there who make sure to show your canine companions the compassion, dignity, and care that they deserve! We hope you will continue to support the Animal Legal Defense Fund and our fight to ensure protections and advance the interest of all animals.

One thought on “Pit Bull Photo Contest Winners!

  1. Lisa, Animal Lover! says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWW this is beautiful ALL animals deserve to have this; love, attention and to be safe! Everyone wants that. Thank you to those humans out there that care about animals, I so wish there were more of you that we could all squash out the other humans that abuse animals. I pray for that day. God bless you for careing about animals!!

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