Pets and Pesticides

Posted by April Nockleby, ALDF's Online Content Manager on March 4, 2009

Flea and tick season are fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about how to combat these pests to keep our pets comfortable, safe and healthy. In years past, I’ve been diligent about regularly applying topical flea and tick control to both my cats and dogs during the time of year when these pests are at their worst. However, more and more information is coming out about the dangers of these pesticide products, which has me reconsidering my use of them.

I encourage everyone to visit the Center for Public Integrity’s website Perils of the New Pesticides, which looks at the safety of flea and tick products for our pets. The site examines the potential danger flea products pose to humans and shares stories about reactions pets have had when certain products have been used. In their article "Pet Owners Find Little Comfort in Court," ALDF Founder and General Counsel Joyce Tischler talks about the legal options available when your pet had been harmed by one of these products.

So what’s the answer to keeping our pets pest-free? I’m still looking into that, but I did find this information from Dr. Michael Fox helpful. He discusses natural ways to keep our dogs and cats comfortable and safe.


2 thoughts on “Pets and Pesticides

  1. Dan & Dianne Lytle says:

    Why can’t something be done about Hartz Sergeants Flea & Tick Squeeze On for Dogs?

    Why can’t this product be taken off the market before more innocent lives are lost?

    In this bad economic times people are going to turn to other ways to keep their pets safe by buying this product off convenience store shelves. I for one thought I could trust the Hartz name. I didn’t think you’d have to research it.. it wasn’t like some generic brand.

    Here is our story:
    On April 18, 2009 we applied Sergeant’s Silver Flea & Tick Squeeze-On for Dogs on our 2 puggles (Daisy Mae & Jack) & our Lab Mix (Cody). All just have turned a year old in February and April.


    Shortly after we applied the product to Jack he started running around scratching & itching. He was whining and just could not sit still. Not knowing that it was a reaction to this product we waited thinking that it was something else making him “go crazy”. When he started foaming at the mouth we decided we better get him to the nearest vet. hospital. Before we could secure our other 2 dogs… Daisy started foaming at the mouth as well. We contacted the vet. hospital and talked to the emergency vet and she told us to bathe them with dishwashing liquid and then get them to the hospital. So after bathing all 3 dogs, loading them in the car and RACING to the hospital with 3 foaming, salvating, whining dogs and 2 distraught owners we find out that it’s the application for fleas & ticks causing this scare of a lifetime.

    After a $261.80 hospital charge and several injections to each dog, a sleepless night and now today (the next day) I’m on the Internet searching this product and find all these people that have either lost or severely ill pets.
    I AM OUTRAGED! Is our dogs in for more permanent health problems due to this product?

    Other symptoms we have noticed SO FAR:
    in the emergency room both puggles were shaking, twitching ears, twitching muscles

    We had to contact the vet. hospital again this evening for more meds.

    This product is causing pyrethrin poisoning on pets and the public should be told before more pet’s lives are lost!

  2. Amy says:

    ok, last post was a YEAR ago. I got this poison and used last night (2/16/10). Another bad reaction. Can you help get this off the market?

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