Outrunning Animal Cruelty

Posted by William Rivas-Rivas, ALDF Development Director on July 6, 2011

Four more weeks. That is how long I have until I run the San Francisco Marathon on July 31st.

WilliamI love running marathons. And I’m not alone. According to Running USA, more than half a million people finished a marathon in 2010.

But considering the physical toll running 26.2 miles puts on your body–dehydration, blisters, black toenails, chafing, calf strains, muscle cramps, and soreness just to name a few–I can understand why someone would wonder why I’m running a race that I have no intentions or realistic chance at winning.

So why am I running this marathon?

I’m running the San Francisco Marathon to raise awareness and support for the Animal Legal Defense Fund. In only four more weeks, I’ll run my fifth marathon and to celebrate this achievement, I want to raise $1,500 goal for ALDF by July 31.

For more than three decades, the Animal Legal Defense Fund has been fighting to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system.

Every day, ALDF works to protect animals by:

  • Filing groundbreaking lawsuits to stop animal abuse and expand the boundaries of animal law.
  • Providing free legal assistance to prosecutors handling cruelty cases. 
  • Working to strengthen state anti-cruelty statutes. 
  • Encouraging the federal government to enforce existing animal protection laws. 
  • Nurturing the future of animal law through Student Animal Legal Defense Fund chapters and our Animal Law Program.
  • Providing public education through seminars, workshops and other outreach efforts.

Despite the fact that they are living, feeling beings, animals in the U.S. are still considered merely “property” by law–in most cases no different than a table or a chair. Lasting change can only come when the law reflects what most of us already believe to be true–that abusing an animal is wrong.

This is why I am asking my friends and family to support my fundraising efforts with a tax-deductible donation. Raising $1,500 in four weeks is an ambitious goal but I’m confident that I can do it with your support.

I hope you will consider supporting my marathon against animal cruelty on behalf of ALDF. Donations can be made here. A gift donation of any size helps!

Thank you so much for your support and generosity!

3 thoughts on “Outrunning Animal Cruelty

  1. Steve says:

    Way to go William! Good luck with the marathon. You’re a braver man than me. :)

  2. Brice says:

    William, thank you for putting yourself out there! I admire what you are doing tremendously. I hope you will post on this blog how the marathon went for you and if you met your goals. Good luck!

  3. wendy says:

    Way to go William….Maybe next year I can run alongside you…well, actually way way behind you. Wendy

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