Oppose the Parole of Dogfighting Kingpin David Tant

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on August 12, 2010

David Tant of Charleston County, South Carolina was reportedly considered by the underground dogfighting community to be one of the top breeders of fighting pit bulls in the country. In April 2004, authorities seized 47 pit bulls from Tant’s property, many with injuries consistent with dogfighting. They found dogfighting equipment: caged treadmills, a "rape box" (designed to restrain female dogs so that they can be forcibly bred), cattle prods, harnesses, a bear trap, homemade gun silencers, dogfighting magazines and remnants of a dogfighting ring.

In November 2004, after two days of a jury trial, the defendant pleaded guilty to four counts of animal fighting and one count of assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison for animal fighting, 10 years in prison for creating a booby trap, and restitution of about $150,000.

On July 21, 2010, six years into his 30 year sentence, Tant was granted his first parole hearing in front of three members of the seven-member parole board. He was not required to go in front of the full parole board because, shockingly, his is considered a non-violent offense. The vote was split 2-1 in favor of parole. Because the partial board did not reach a unanimous decision, Tant will go in front of the full board on September 8.

Write a polite letter to the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services to oppose parole for this dogfighter, who is responsible for the suffering of many innocent animals in this violent bloodsport. Use SC PPP’s online comment form to oppose parole for David Tant, SC Department of Corrections inmate # 306170.

Thank you for joining ALDF in our push to make sure authorities get tough on dogfighters!

51 thoughts on “Oppose the Parole of Dogfighting Kingpin David Tant

  1. Moni Hanke says:

    Please stop this Horrorcruelty-abuse now!!This is not zivilisiert a shame.
    Many Greatings from Germany

  2. Orkie Chavis says:

    How can this be called a non-violent offence?

  3. Hollie Hallmanhotmail.com says:

    I hope that parole for David Tant is NOT granted! Until these dog fighters see that FULL punishment is followed thru with this horrible crime will continue! It must stop and we humans need to make sure that happens since these voiceless creatures cannot!

  4. Lindy Barnes says:

    The American Humane Society has proven beyond any shadow of doubt that cruelty to animals (and that includes dog fighting) will eventually lead to cruelty to humans who cannot protect themselves such as children and the elderly. If for no other reason you must consider this a violent crime and punish the perpetrator accordingly.

  5. Hollie Hallmanhotmail.com says:


  6. Raquel Ojeda says:

    Please do not release king pin David Tant. If we continue to be so lenient with dog fighters it will only continue to get worse! We need to strengthen punishments and laws against dog fighting.

  7. Nanette Faccilonga says:

    Please do not parole this cruel organizer of animal abuse and fighting.

    Too many have been hurt and killed. Do not allow others to be harmef.

    Thank you

  8. Sondra Hanson says:

    Don’t let him have the opportunity to continue this behavior.

  9. We have a responsibility to protect!!!!!GOD’s! voiceless !!!!
    Give No mercy !!! You will get No Mercy!!!!
    Humans will be judged for how they have treated !!
    The Creators Creation !! GOD’s! voiceless animals !!!!!!!!!!
    godly love of animals

  10. Candace Wills says:

    Please do not parole David Tant. Animal fighting is a violent crime.

  11. Janice Tuzcan says:

    Not sure how dog fighting is not considered a violent crime..can’t get much more violent than fighting dogs ..this guy needs to stay in jail …a strong message needs to be sent …

  12. Janet Fincannon says:

    No parole. Dog fighting is cruel.

  13. Janet Fincannon says:

    No parole. Cruel.

  14. Liz Woloski says:

    No parole, dogfighting is abominable

  15. Denise Doyle says:

    The vile, illegal abuse of dogs in fighting and breeding, has got to stop now. It will never get better, and in fact is only getting worse, if the laws do not take it seriously and give maximum punishments to those criminals involved in this heinous crime. There is of course the obvious torture and abuse of innocent animals, but also the spin of illegal activities like drug dealing, gambling and assault.

  16. Robyn says:

    Oppose the Parole of Dogfighting Kingpin David Tant

  17. tonya francis says:

    Leave David Tant in Jail…where he belongs !!!!!

  18. jane key says:

    This animal abuser should never get parole. He desreves the same fate as his dogs

  19. Tonya Sheridan says:

    No parole. Dogfighting is a horrendous crime and it’s time society takes it seriously.

  20. Bobbie Beall says:

    Parole? Are you kidding me? No way.
    Do the crime – do the time!!! N

  21. Jesse Correia says:

    Please do not let this poor excuse of a man get paroled early his blatant disregard for life whether it’s human or not is despicable.so let’s show people like this dogfighting is wrong and punishable by law.

  22. Patrizia Scally says:

    There is something sick about a person who abuses helpless animals that cannot defend themselves. These abusers are despicable,sick, sadistic psychopath and statistics have shown that their behavior only escalates.I Oppose the Parole for the Offender of Dogfighting Kingpin David Tant SCDC Number:306170

  23. Charlotte Matthews says:

    Please do not let this person out of prison. Dog fighting is an awful thing for the animals used. They are safe now and I would hate to see more in his care.

    Thank you


    This is OUTRAGEUS!!! Tant is a felon that not only conducted an illegal gambling operation, he systematically tortured and murdered countless innocent dogs. Keep Tant right where he is: Locked up like the savage he is!!

  25. ced laposta says:

    People need to be held accountable for their ignorance!

  26. Jodi Buchanan says:

    If he gets parole he will go right back to dog fighting no parole!!!

  27. No parole. Dog fighting is cruel.

  28. Franziska Eber says:

    People who abuse animals must not get away with it. What they do does not just hurt and kill animals, it hurts and kills society.

  29. Amanda Houstoun says:

    No Parole. Dog fighting is cruel bloodsport.

  30. Roger payne says:

    He gives dogs a life/death sentance & people are now losing they’re house holed pets because of how they perceive dogs in general now a old saying Is you can’t teach an old dog new tricks I think that is true with this man

  31. Jo Bersee Mills says:

    Wholly unacceptable !!!

  32. Anne D says:

    Please, PLEASE don’t give this ‘person’ parole. He needs to stay just where he is.

  33. April Cutcher says:

    Please do not let this monster out of jail….

  34. Angela Harris says:

    using dogs to fight in order to make money is not only cruel but shows a serious lack of compassion for those that are defenseless and rely on us for their well being. People who fight dogs do not change, their is no rehabilitation. They will resume their activity at their first chance. Anyone who has such a lack of compassion or empathy will always prey on the weaker more vulnerable. The only place for people like that is in a controlled environment

  35. steph michele says:

    please do not allow this monster to walk free. he will just go back to his old life, i am sure. those animals dont deserve that. they deserve love and respect. not torture and abuse and murder. david tant is nothing but an abusive, psychotic heartless murderer. reconsider please!!! thank you.

  36. Candace Davis says:

    Only a heartless person does this, absolutely against parole for him

  37. D. Palmisano says:

    NO Parole…what he did was cruel and inhumane…anyone that can engage in that activity is a danger to society

  38. Rachel Weber says:

    Attention Parole and Probation Services:
    Please do not put David Tant on Parole. As I’m sure you know, animal cruelty has been linked to human cruelty and sociopathic behavior in general. When we as a society do not demand that someone serve time for this type of crime, we are telling the general public that it’s really not of any concern. It is of great concern, and if we want to live in a society that values life and common decency, we must stand up and demand justice for crimes such as these. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
    Rachel Weber

  39. Annette says:

    No parole, he’ll just did it again

  40. Rich Bledsoe says:

    No parole! He is only learning how NOT to get caught from other inmates….



  42. Lori Friend says:

    I find it hard to believe he would have changed a whole lot when it comes to his belief it is okay to be awful towards animals. People who behave like this with innocent animals have been proven to either already have behaved like this or even will behave in a manner proven harmful humans. Studies have been done & they ALL say the same thing. Prison is highly likely to NOT have helped him.

  43. Lisa Qualls says:

    No parole. Why does his victim have to be human for his actions to be considered violent? That makes no sense.

  44. Sharon Payne says:

    He needs to be punished.

  45. sylvia ortiz says:

    no parole, this vicious and cruel sport must be eliminated

  46. Dee Smith says:

    No parole!! Set an example

  47. CIS WRAY says:

    Do NOT let this horrible man out of prison!! In time, he will be right back at it….abusing dogs!!!

    He committed a serious crime!!! He MUST do his time + more!!

  48. Karen Schaffner says:

    Maximum sentencing please, to set examples. Sorry, there is too much animal abuse running rampant in this country to contiue slapping people on the wrists. Thank You for considering my opinion…K Schaffner

  49. Michele Burbano says:

    I wrote a letter to the parole board.
    This POS needs to stay in prison what he did is a violent crime.

  50. Peter & Avril Brown says:

    From Australia…..
    How can it even be ‘considered’ to let this guy off lightly, he’s a Violent, Vicious, Cruel individual, it’s in his nature, therefore it WON’T stop….He HAS to BE STOPPED !
    & Please set an example, to other would-be animal abusers, & UNFORTUNATELY there are Hundreds,if not Thousands of them out-there, GETTING-AWAY-WITH-IT everyday !
    The ANIMALS NEED your protection……. :(

  51. Karen Schaffner says:

    Offender: David Tant/ SCDC Number: 306170

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