Ohio Activists Call for Law Making Sexual Assault of Animals a Felony

Posted by Stephanie Ulmer, Guest Blogger on July 13, 2011

Peter Bower of Shelby, Ohio, was arrested on May 18th, 2011, and charged
with two counts of animal cruelty after allegations that he had sex with three companion dogs
and possibly a horse owned by a local equestrian center. KAIT 8 News
reported that during a police search of his home, photos of Bower having
sex with animals were discovered, as well as online postings of his
acts found on his computer. Authorities also found a book on bestiality
and a plastic, blowup sheep. Another scary detail is that Bower
advertised dog walking and sitting services in his neighborhood and at
his local animal shelter.

Despite the absolute heinousness of
these alleged actions, Bower is only facing misdemeanor charges, as Ohio
has no first-offense felony animal cruelty laws, nor any separate laws
specifically prohibiting the sexual assault of animals. But this case
has gained much attention and has led some to act. "If this had been a child, there would have been an uproar about it," concerned citizen Joyce Fields told the Mansfield News Journal.
"There isn’t much difference because this pet didn’t accept or consent
to what he was doing." Fields has started a petition, along with a local
animal advocacy group, seeking to expressly outlaw the sexual assault
of animals. Fields hopes that Ohio will pass a law to coincide with the
36 other states that already have laws prohibiting such acts, separate
from other forms of animal cruelty. Response to the action has been
swift, as State Rep. Jay Goyal has said recently that his office is
already working on a draft of such legislation.

Fields also
started an additional petition in which she seeks to bar Bower from
owning or interacting with any animals, and she will present it to the
prosecutors and judge at Bower’s pretrial hearing on July 18th. In
addition, authorities are looking into whether charges can be brought
against Bower for disseminating pornography.

6 thoughts on “Ohio Activists Call for Law Making Sexual Assault of Animals a Felony

  1. grnidrose says:

    Sick…he needs to be put away permanently…why does Ohio allow this? The person who does this is sick and evil and the people who allow him to do these sick acts are worse than the abuser…really…what does this say about Ohio? Why is this country so lenient towards sexual abuse of any kind? Too many sickos think it is a passive act…it’s an aggressive act and needs to be treated as so.

  2. Lisa says:

    Sad that we have to have a specific law against having sex with animals! Will we need a specific law against poking their eyes out, or one for burning their foot pads off, or how about throwing them out of a moving car. Where does it all end? There are societal norms of what is right and wrong. It has long since been established that having sex with animals is wrong. Hell in some states, having anal sex with a human is illegal. What reasonable person (a legal standard) thinks inserting a mans penis into an animal is anything other than abuse?

  3. Mary Ward-Eaton says:

    This makes me completely sick. Animals abuse of any kind makes me angry and sad for the victims who cannot speak for themselves. And this is so totally outrageous in that this man advertised himself as a dog walker and volunteer at shelters! Companion animals give individuals and families so much love, respect and joy. Why can’t people just give them the same in return? I’m afraid a friend of mine answered this question when I posted this story on my Facebook page and his comment was,
    “Humans are the cruelest animal of all.”

    Thanks to the ALDF for keeping these cases in front of us and working on cases all the time.
    I firmly believe sweeping law reform is the only way we can protect animals. Unfortunately, it will take a lot of time and more vigilance than many people are showing at this time.

  4. M. Ann says:

    It’s not really fair to say this is just as bad as child abuse. Children have long lasting emotional trauma (on top of the physical trauma) – even into adulthood. And they’re human beings.Dogs are animals and don’t suffer from things like self-hatred, guilt, shame, etc. It’s simply not comparable.

  5. nunya bidness says:

    How can the person quoted in the article tell if the dog consented or not? Also, did the animal they ate for dinner consent to that?

    What a load of knee-jerk reactionary crap. I’m also sure those petition drives are REALLY going to help animals. Just like all the other useless crap spouted on the internet helps animals. How about any of you get off your ass and do something that really helps animals. Maybe Volunteer at a shelter a few hours a week?

  6. Debbie Palomino says:

    And those of us who would catch such freaks…our reaction, and what we choose to do to intervene, would that be a misdemeanor? I think not. Let me come upon such a demon, I will risk the charges and react as a good earthling should. There should be a vigilante clause for such situations, or a good Samaritan clause.

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