Obama Supports Michael Vick’s Second Chance

Posted by Joyce Tischler, ALDF's Founder and General Counsel on December 30, 2010

President Obama’s strong statement of support for the Eagles’ hiring of Michael Vick and hollow rhetoric of “giving prisoners a second chance” suggests to me and other Americans that he has blinders on about the criminal atrocities committed by Michael Vick.

Vick’s felony conviction for dogfighting was not a one-time lapse of judgment. It extended over a period of at least six years in which, in addition to the violent and bloody training and fighting of the dogs, court documents show that Vick coldly approved of or assisted in executing dogs who did not perform well enough during the fights, by drowning, hanging, electrocuting or slamming them to the floor. In a civilized society, this savage abuse of dogs, who have no ability to protect themselves, is roundly condemned. Mr. Vick’s dead victims will never get “a second chance” and their torture, their terror and their violent deaths should not be trivialized, least of all by the President of the United States, my President. 

20 thoughts on “Obama Supports Michael Vick’s Second Chance

  1. Eric Mills says:

    Joyce, I share your sentiments.

    As I commented on several articles, “I suppose we should be grateful that Charles Manson didn’t have a good jump shot, ‘else he’d be out of the pokey and playing point guard for the L.A. Lakers.”

    Some crimes are unforgivable. Vick’s was one of those.

    Eric Mills, coordinator

  2. Jan Holsinger says:

    Thank you for speaking up FOR the animals. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!

  3. I wholeheartedly agree and applaud you for speaking out and will tweet and fb this. I called the white house today and told them to tell obama to call the people who’ve taken care of the dogs and apologize to them, read the book The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant, which honors the dogs and is not too graphic for squeamish folks like me. And I have also been writing blog posts, tweets, facebooking and encouraging others to call the white house too.

    just to give you some back story/links:

    Huffington Post has a new poll, 72% said yes, Obama should call, (they said dogs) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/12/30/michael-vicks-dogs-call_n_802700.html

    because Best Friends wrote this:


    thank you for all you do for the animals.

  4. Aaron Davis says:

    I totally agree with you and applaud you speaking out.

    What no one seems to realize is that what Vick did was very psychologically warped and he never received any mental rehab at all. He only expressed remorse AFTER he was caught – obviously it never bothered him to commit these horrible acts on these living beings and no amount of jail time is going to “fix” that.

  5. Vickie Brown says:

    Thank you for coming out in support of the animals who had no second chance. President Obama has done a grave injustice to all those that are the voice for those defenseless animals. These defenseless animals don’t throw a football and make millions for the NFL and don’t hold any political clout for the President. The animals need the rest of us to be their voice. It sure isn’t going to be our President. It’s obvious he prefers criminals over innocent victims of crimes.
    Vickie Brown
    No Kill Sonoma County

  6. Celery says:

    Vick does NOT deserve a second chance. How many animals did he torture and kill before he was caught? He had many chances to stop and turn it around but he didn’t. He would still be torturing animals if he was not caught….. It is outrageous that the president would even comment on this story.

  7. Stefani says:

    Joyce, thank you. As one of those crazy, progressive/liberals the Obama Administration has become so fond of chastizing, I already was waning in my support for him. After all, how many times can you be insulted for political advantage? But this really was the last straw for me. (Although I donated to and volunteered for him in the last election.)

    Obama, like Clinton before him (among Dems) hasn’t been particularly good on the environment, or anything related to animals.

    When I was young, I was told I would get conservative as I grew older. Somehow, exactly the opposite is happening. It no longer makes sense to me to vote for the candidate who will promote slower destruction of everything, rather than faster. I want a leader that tries to stop it. A key part of that is demonstrating respect for animals.

    I have a totally new perspective on what it means to “throw away” my vote. While Obama is lecturing us on the importance of politcal compromise, I am increasingly unable to compromise my principles to vote for the candidate that nauseates me least.

    I don’t think I can pull a lever for a Vick supporter.

  8. Doris Lucchesi says:

    I could not agree more with you. Further I am as appalled by the NFL as by the President. Pete Rose was banned from baseball for ‘gambling.’ When did gambling become a more serious crime then brutalizing sentient beings. At what point do we say enough is enough.

  9. Angie says:

    I myself am outraged that Michael Vick got off so easily after all that he done to innocent animals and then gets out of prison and make millions of dollars he should have had alot more in restitution to pay and I know that if you are just an average joe getting out of prison you will NEVER EVER be able to get a job that pays you MILLIONS of dollars in fact there are ordinances and state laws that keep you from working in many industries most times you have to work for minimum wage why should he be any different!!! if Obama will give him a chance I think there are other deserving people that are getting out or have already gotten out that don’t have the money to buy peoples support.

  10. Lisa says:

    I think ALDF should sent the President a letter explaining why his comment and phone call HURT animals! He should be calling Best Friends to thank them for taking the Vick victims and for rehabbing the dogs.

  11. Melissa Fonteboa says:

    I am truly appalled by president Obama’s statement and always support the voiceless through organizations like yourselves, the stamp you are making on behalf of numerous animals makes my heart sing, THANK YOU ALDF from the bottom of my heart as well as many animals! The numerous dogs that lost their lives (R.I.P. ) are forever gone dying horrific deaths and the ones that were saved from his horrific cruelty will be scarred forever mentally and physically and that can never be forgiven, second chances are not applicable to the scum of the earth like Michael Vick, ever!

  12. Shannon Martel says:

    Vick never gave the dogs a second chance why should we. I ssay show him the same mercy he gave those dogs. What is that number to call Obama. I want to call him also.

  13. lenny matthews says:

    What “second chance” he was given is playing football, not the ownership of a dog!
    Sorry but I am in support for his “second chance” if it does not involve an animal! The man obviously has agression issues! Let him work it out on a football field, not on an animal EVER AGAIN!

  14. thedogdefender says:

    All animal lovers and anyone with a shred of decency should boycott all Eagles games. I refuse to finance Mike Vick. He should be forever barred from playing any professional sports.

    Did Mike Vick give dogs a second chance as they lay there whimpering for mercy? No, all dogs who didn’t perform well were executed in a brutal manner.
    Take a look at photos of the mercy Mike Vick showed the dogs.

    The Bible says, “You will reap what you sow” which basically means what goes around comes around. He should receive the same kind of mercy. He should stop being such a cry baby as if he is a victim and take what he has done like a man. Mike Vick will not change but find a way to continue dog fighting under the radar of officials. I say this because for years he participated in dog fighting and only stopped because he was caught. Even his own Father urged him to stop in 2001 and he refused. If a Son will not listen to his own Father, then who will he listen to?
    Boddie told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that around 2001, Vick was staging dogfights in the garage of the family’s home in Newport News and kept fighting dogs in the family’s backyard, including injured ones which the father nursed back to health. Boddie said his son had been urged to not engage in the activity, but continued. He stated: “This is Mike’s thing. And he knows it.”

    If Obama wants Mike Vick to have a second chance then let the government give it to him. Recruit him in the military so he can observe REAL men and women doing REAL work and not for the absurd amounts Mike gets for tossing a ball around.

  15. onorthrop@stny.rr.com says:

    Michael Vick has done nothing to justify his actions as an animal owner in my eyes….an eye for an eye…He should NEVER again be allowed to own an animal again and shall God have mercy on him and his soul….they are all God’s creatures however,they were nothing but material posesions to him….they are all God’s creatures and may he burn in hell for his sins!!!!

  16. Caroline pavlinik says:

    100% concur! Would society ever even think for one second of allowing a convicted child abuser/killer to be around children again! NO WAY! This case is no different and I am ASHAMED of Obama for letting this man’s athletic prowess trump his heinous crimes.

  17. Charlotte Pearson says:

    If we do not speak up for innocent animals that have no say in the way in which they are treated. We are guilty also. We as decent human beings need to speak, write, protest, call,rescue and scream if we have to.
    No one should ever watch or go to a game in which a game that vick is in. If we all ban together the league will get the message.
    He made money off killing innocent dogs, now he is out there making money off us. Come on people do the right thing BAN vick!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Jane Somers says:

    Why would Obama care any thing about animals? does his family even have any pets? or even care to have any?I think not. I found there are millions of chat sites and web sites and petitions to sign on animal abuse,but how many read? much less listen or even care? I was doing petitions web sites even chat forums for many years and I still am doing my best,I got one maybe two signatures for my petition,no other comments about my concerns on animals safety.Why not form a man hunt?why not beat down these animal abusers even the cruelty created by animal factories.Why not set up an organization same as peta.org and go after these culprits?Why sit and wait for some thing to happen? If any one thinks the government cares or will listen or even help;think again.
    I already tried and failed.I found the passing of money may or may not save a few animals but the gov.is sending every single animal to the slaughter house,they are now targeting birds.By the end of 2020 there will be little or no animals or even wild life left.We need some thing and/or some one stronger then the government,I don’t see that happening in this century.I wish my self as well as others trying their best to do every thing to save these harmless & loving animals that was born here on God’s green earth,known as God’s creations….God bless

  19. Lyndel says:

    Obama needs his Brain Cat Scanned if he thinks this mungrel deserves a second chance. What the hell is he on????
    I say put the dogfighting mungrel in the ring with Mike Tyson and let Mikes teeth do the talking!!!!

  20. Kayla says:

    Obama actually does own a dog. I believe it is a purebred Portuguese Water Dog named Bo, which makes his comments regarding Michael Vick even sadder because clearly he doesn’t care very much about animals. First, he had the opportunity to adopt a homeless animal and promote adoption, but he refused and bought a purebred puppy. Now he seems to think that Michael Vick deserves a second chance? Michael Vick does not deserve to play in the NFL anymore. He is a horrible example for all the children who aspire to be football players and is mentally sick. Does Obama even realize that most famous killers and rapists (the Boston Strangler, Jack the Ripper, etc) started out abusing animals and worked their way up to killing people. As for all the people who think that Michael Vick just needs to let his anger out on the football field, I’d like to remind you that he was playing football before and clearly that didn’t stop him from torturing and killing dogs, starving them, and forcing them to fight each other. Clearly playing football is not helping his anger issues and he needs some real help. It’s sad to think that we live in a society where a sport is more important than the lives of living creatures. I really am disgusted with Obama right now.

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