Obama Family Makes Plans for New Pooch

Posted by Crystal Hoshaw, ALDF Blogger on March 6, 2009

Everyone is eager to hear the final word on the Obama family’s new dog, and it looks like we’ll get the chance in mid-April.

In a recent interview, Michelle Obama told People magazine that the new addition to the family, most likely a Portuguese water dog, would be arriving from the shelter after a spring break hiatus.

The ALDF is happy to hear that the Obamas plan to set a great example for the rest of the country by adopting a rescued dog instead of buying from a breeder or pet store.

Shelters are always full of animals waiting to give their love and affection in forever-homes, and adopting an animal companion is a much more humane choice than purchasing from pet stores, where animals often end up after enduring horrific conditions at puppy mills.

ALDF has worked hard in the past to make sure that animals neglected and mistreated by puppy mills and breeders get the justice they deserve. In a landmark case against breeder/hoarder Barbara Woodley, ALDF rescued more than 300 dogs from dismal conditions where they were forced to live in their own excrement, placing them in permanent, loving homes with caring foster families.

The increasing number of responsible pet owners choosing to adopt and spay/neuter, along with legislation like the ALDF-supported California Healthy Pets Act of 2008, helps ease the pressure on rescue groups to house continually rising numbers of homeless animals.

Of course, we couldn’t do what we do without your continued support. And having President Obama on our side doesn’t hurt, either!


One thought on “Obama Family Makes Plans for New Pooch

  1. Isolde Opphile says:

    Let’s also remind the American population that – just because the first family adopted a Portuguese Waterdog – does not mean that every single person in the US should own a Portuguese Waterdog … I can see it now: shelters filled with neglected, abused, and abandoned Portuguese Waterdogs … A long time ALDF supporter.

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