Just Say No to Kennel License for Convicted Animal Abuser

Posted by Jessica Blome, ALDF Staff Attorney on September 23, 2013

puppy_cage UPDATE:  The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture denied John and Daniel Esh’s kennel license application late last week.  Thank you to everyone who contacted Pennsylvania to protect the lives and advance the interest of animals through the legal system.

Today, ALDF sent a letter to Mr. Michael Pechart, Director of the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Dog Law Enforcement Office. According to recent reports, Director Pechart is considering issuing a commercial kennel license to John Esh, a former commercial kennel owner with a long history of animal welfare and animal cruelty violations. In fact, just five years ago, Mr. Esh pled guilty to five summary offenses for animal cruelty and subsequently closed his kennel. Mr. Esh’s son, Daniel, has historically assisted Mr. Esh with the operation of his kennel. Daniel’s own license was revoked in 2010 after the Dog Law Enforcement Office documented repeated violations of regulations for proper ventilation, odor minimization, unsanitary conditions, and record keeping.

Issuing commercial kennel licenses to chronic violators of state animal welfare laws sends the wrong message to the regulated community. If violators only face small fines as a result of their behavior, then the incentive to cut corners at the expense of the health and safety of animals becomes too great. Any deterrent effect achieved by enforcement of the Dog Law in Pennsylvania to date will be undone with the single act of granting a commercial kennel license to John and Daniel Esh. That price is too high. The Dog Law Office must deny John and Daniel Esh’s application.

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24 thoughts on “Just Say No to Kennel License for Convicted Animal Abuser

  1. Heather Alexander says:

    John and Daniel Esh have been convicted of animal cruelty. Why would they be granted a commercial license now? Haven’t they demonstrated their unworthiness to be involved with animals to any extent??? What are these officials in PA thinking?

    1. don hughes says:

      I email the director asking for denial of license to Esh. To approve such a request is liken to giving a child molestor permission to babysit. Absolutely ridiculous and reprehensible.

  2. Melissa says:

    Soooo, if humans (like Mr. Esh is) are not allowed to be around children if they are convicted molesters, rapists, tormenters, etc. why is it okay for them to be able to be around, licensed for, kennels, etc. Is there really any difference? If they have been convicted and have plead guilty, they should not be able to be licensed again.

  3. Cathy Solomon says:

    No more breeding to be killed by evil humans.

  4. Candi Lyn says:

    Since previously convicted – no license should be issued – simple deduction!

  5. J Evans says:

    It’s not difficult to say no to vile people.
    You just say no and be proud of yourself that you have stopped hundreds of lives being destroyed and avoided endless suffering.

  6. Judy Kirkman says:

    In what parallel universe does this make ANY sense. The law states that once convicted the person shall not own or have in their possession ANY animals…if I understand correctly… Sooooo..WHO GAVE THIS PERSON A LICENSE??!!??
    This license needs to be rescinded immediately!!!

  7. Frances says:

    Do not continue to allow these people a chance to abuse anymore precious animals!

  8. Frances says:

    Please do not allow these people to abuse anymore precious animals!

  9. Kenneth says:

    Stopping abuse can begin with your denying these people a license!

  10. Pat says:

    If one has an conviction, why would they be granted a license? Say NO! It is a “no brainer”. If it was a rapist or a child molester would you want to let them have take care of your child?? I feel that way about animals.

  11. Patrizia Scally says:

    Just Say No to Kennel License for Convicted Animal Abuser

  12. carol says:

    Say NO, if he was convicted once of abuse of animals he has lost all rights of any contact with any animal!!!! We must stop this abuse.

  13. penny says:


  14. synola wilkins says:

    why??? why would anyone issue this nut a license to breed more?!?!?! is it for the $ they will get for the license? i cant imagine any other reason.

  15. Susan Smeltz says:

    How scary is it that supposedly educated people would give a license to these morons with such a history. Please show your intelligence and just say NO!!!!

  16. Mariah Dancing says:

    Please prevent future animal abuse by this cruel person and DENY his request!!!

  17. cyndi albright says:

    Please say no to the Esh’s application. We need caring, responsible caregivers for animals. Thank you for your time.

  18. Evelyn Ford says:

    Please don’t allow this convicted animal abuser have any contact with animals.

  19. Do not give licenses to abusers for profit.The public is watching.

  20. Cynthia says:

    With all the horrible things being done to defenseless animals around the country, as well as around the world, I strongly urge you to deny this man another shot at harming animals in his care. He has already proven to be an abuser. Please re-examine his motives for this license. Thank you.

  21. SNarog says:

    I received an email from Mr. Pechart last evening. He confirmed the licence was denied last week.

    1. ALDF says:

      Thanks! We posted an update above!

  22. sandy renner says:

    just say no to this and convict the ones who abuse these poor animals. We need to close all puppy mills and puppy stores down now!! shame on the American kennel club who see’s these disgusting people as breeders really!
    so no licenses for profit ever!

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