New Year’s Resolution: Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free Fitness

Posted by Jennifer Molidor, ALDF Staff Writer on January 5, 2015

Many people begin the New Year wanting to get their lives into shape, physically, professionally, and otherwise. And for some, this means wanting to get fit quick. It’s all the rage to cut carbs these days, but too often, people fall victim to leaning on a diet high on animal protein. But did you know there are healthier and cruelty-free ways of getting fit? A plant-based lifestyle is not only healthier short-term and long-term, it’s better for animals too. That’s the focus of a brand new book—Plant-Based Performance: Know Your Own Strength—50% of the proceeds go directly to benefit the Animal Legal Defense Fund and the work we do to protect animals. So this year, pledge to get fit, have fun, and help animals with Plant-Based Performance.

Gorillas eat a plant-based diet, and are among the most muscular animals.

Gorillas eat a plant-based diet, and are among the most muscular animals.

Co-author Scott Shetler, owner of Atlanta-based Extreme Performance Training Systems/the ECF Gym is a big supporter of animal rights in unity with health and wellness. His path to fitness? “In a nutshell, dump animal-based foods, eat a plant-based diet, making sure to consume a wide variety of fruits and vegetables,” Scott says. Doing so is the most primary step in maximizing health, along with improving mental and physical strength. Scott is author of many other expert books in fitness (including Abundant Health: Fitness for the Mind, Body, and Spirit).

Why is a plant-based diet so important for people who truly love animals and want a more just society? Billions of animals are slaughtered, maimed, and abused each year in the U.S. alone, as standard practice in industrial agriculture. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is dedicated to establishing better laws for animals and stronger sentences for abusers, but right now very few laws protect the billions of animals suffering on factory farms across the U.S., and the cruel ways they are confined and treated—even the legal ways—horrify even the heartiest among us. Cruelty-free diets help support ALDF’s mission to protect animals, and one of the best ways to support this mission, and to stop the abuse of animals, is not to consume them or support industries that abuse animals.

buy-the-bookAnd that’s why this book, Plant-Based Performance: Known Your Own Strength is such a great way for you to start your New Year’s resolutions, and stick with them. You’re not just helping yourself: you’re also helping animals and the planet we share! The book is a collection of essays from 22 vegan athletes, activists, and health and fitness professionals that outlines the path to wellness and becoming healthy, strong, and fit while following a plant-based lifestyle. Transitioning to a plant-based diet often takes a little thought, and that’s why Plant-Based Performance includes more than 20 plant-based recipes, training logs and tips. Another useful tool is ALDF’s Cruelty-Free Resource Guide.

100% of book sales revenue will go to benefit the Animal Legal Defense Fund and Forgotten Animals Rescue (50% each), and it is available in both print and E-book formats. For more information on individual authors and details about the book, visit the Plant-Based Performance Facebook page.

One thought on “New Year’s Resolution: Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free Fitness

  1. Sarah Gura says:

    Thank you! Excellent work! I thought the link was to do a local 5k, but I love the book idea! However, maybe you can pair with the Warrior Dash and allow the participants to donate their fees or make a donation to ALDF and/or MFA. Ilove you both and would easily pay $100 for that event if I knew it was going to you!

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