Nevada: Strengthen Animal Protection Laws, Support Cooney’s Law

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on April 12, 2011

Your help is needed today to pass “Cooney’s Law” SB 223 and make certain acts of animal cruelty a felony on the first offense!

Last fall, a Reno man brutally cut his dog Cooney
with a box cutter. He watched as she ran around the room, bleeding, her
intestines falling out. Cooney died of shock and blood loss. The man
later pled guilty to a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge, paid a small
fine and was released with jail time served. Why didn’t he face a more
serious penalty? Because Nevada’s current anti-cruelty felony penalty is
applicable only on a third offense.

Nevada is the only state in the country where
someone can torture an animal to death on three separate occasions
before facing a felony animal cruelty charge.

SB 223 will change this deplorable fact and make
certain that prosecutors have the ability to appropriately charge those
who commit the most heinous acts of cruelty against animals the first
time they do it. By authorizing such a first-offense felony, Nevada will
help to ensure that the penalty actually fits the crime.

Please act today! SB 223 must make it out of committee by April 15.

Your help is critical for the passage of this important bill. Please contact your state legislators through ALDF’s website today and ask for their support of SB 223!

2 thoughts on “Nevada: Strengthen Animal Protection Laws, Support Cooney’s Law

  1. PMMOFMIKE says:

    How will we ever be able to protect these innocent animals from evil people before the horror has happened instead of after the fact? I am grateful to all that are fighting the good fight!

  2. cameron says:

    how can we still make a difference since it is May 2011?

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