Moving Forward

Posted by Dana Campbell, ALDF Attorney on December 20, 2010

I don’t think it ages me much to say that when I was in law school, there was no such thing as animal law, since it’s still a relatively new field of study and practice. (Perhaps I’m just in denial about my age…) When I started working for ALDF in early 1999, there was no Facebook, and the form of creative expression initially known as “web logs,” now called blogs, was just being introduced. Skype was still four years away. The European Union was in its infancy, and the original U.S. crush video law that was struck down by the Supreme Court this summer had just passed Congress with some fanfare, to put the times in perspective.

Nowadays, with the development of these popular technology tools, we are able to connect with like-minded friends and organizations on a worldwide basis, and freely discuss and debate current issues like those that arise daily in animal law without worrying about access to traditional publishing mediums and the attendant editing that goes with them. It’s made the world a smaller, better-connected place to live in.

What that global interconnectedness has brought to animal law is the ability to exchange ideas and best practices among our colleagues in the European Union, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Australia. With these tools I’ve found, not surprisingly, that despite the differences in laws and governments, the desire to improve the lives of animals and the many means for doing so are shared passionately and consistently by animal advocates across borders. Most importantly for the next wave of animal law is the ability to start using the above-noted tech tools to build a unified global movement, with common goals and the shared experiences of many different strategies being tested all at once.

I for one have decided to embrace this new world of possibilities in the most personal of ways. This will be my final blog post before leaving ALDF to help grow animal law in Australia as the new managing director for Voiceless. It’s an opportunity I am extremely excited about, while at the same time I will greatly miss my American colleagues (but we can Skype!). I hope you will continue to read here, and on Voiceless’ website, about animal law advances in the U.S. and around the world as it, like me, continues to move forward globally.

One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. Reagan Bush says:

    Wow! Best wishes!

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