Making Sense of the Current Status of the Tony the Tiger Cases

Posted by Matthew Liebman, ALDF Staff Attorney on May 14, 2012

We at the Animal Legal Defense Fund are committed to doing everything within our power to make sure that Tony finds his way to a reputable, accredited sanctuary where he can live out the rest of his life in an environment that caters to his needs rather than one that exploits him as a profitable spectacle.

To that end, our litigation team has been busy making sure that Louisiana’s big cat ban is defended and enforced. We are currently involved in three separate lawsuits concerning Tony, and with all the various developments, we thought it was time for a big picture overview on where things stand.

The first lawsuit is the one ALDF filed last April to have Michael Sandlin’s tiger permit revoked. In November, Judge Michael Caldwell ruled in our favor, holding that Mr. Sandlin was ineligible for a permit under the state regulations. Judge Caldwell ordered the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to revoke Sandlin’s permit and not issue any new permits. Mr. Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop have appealed that decision to the Louisiana Court of Appeal. We are currently waiting for the court to set a briefing schedule, which we expect in the coming months. It’s worth noting that the Department has complied with the court’s order and not issued a new permit to Mr. Sandlin, meaning that Mr. Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop continue to possess and exhibit Tony without the required permit.

In an attempt to remedy the Tiger Truck Stop’s open violation of the law, ALDF filed a second lawsuit to force the Department to enforce the state’s wildlife laws and turn Mr. Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop over to the District Attorney for prosecution.  Unfortunately, earlier this month, Judge Caldwell held that enforcement decisions by an agency are discretionary duties that cannot be compelled by the judiciary, and that our plaintiffs lacked legal standing to bring the case. (Standing is a constant hurdle in animal law cases that limits who can bring a lawsuit. More information on standing is available here and here.) We are still considering our options on whether to appeal the decision. Supporters should understand that the decision in this second case does not undermine our victory in the first case. Judge Caldwell’s original ruling that Mr. Sandlin cannot have a tiger permit still stands, and it is still illegal for Mr. Sandlin to possess and exhibit Tony. This loss means only that we cannot force the Department to enforce the law. The Department has said publicly that it intends to enforce Louisiana law once litigation has concluded. Although that is not the timeline we hoped for (after all, Mr. Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop are violating the law at this very moment and the Department could seize Tony at any time), we expect the Department will eventually do the job entrusted to it by Louisiana’s citizens: enforce the law and protect wildlife.

The third lawsuit is one filed by Mr. Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop against the State of Louisiana, the Department, and Iberville Parish, seeking to invalidate the state ban on private possession of big cats. If successful, the case would not only allow Mr. Sandlin to keep Tony, it could also open the floodgates to captivity for countless other captive wild animals. Mr. Sandlin and the Tiger Truck Stop did not name ALDF as a party to the suit, but given the high stakes, we insisted on being part of the case. We filed what is called a petition to intervene, which asks the court to allow the intervener into the case with the same rights and opportunity to be heard as the named parties. Although Mr. Sandlin and the truck stop objected to our intervention, Judge Janice Clark held that ALDF had a right to intervene in the case and granted our petition. Interestingly, we are now on the same side as the Department, our adversary in the other two lawsuits. Although we wish they were more proactive in enforcing the ban, both ALDF and the Department want the Louisiana big cat ban upheld. The next step is for our litigation team to file exceptions to Mr. Sandlin’s case and an opposition to his request for an injunction against the big cat ban.

We are optimistic that we will prevail and the court will uphold Louisiana’s right to protect public safety and animal welfare by prohibiting private possession of majestic animals like Tony. Our hope is that once Mr. Sandlin’s case is over, the Department will act quickly to ensure Tony’s removal to a humane sanctuary.

If this sounds complicated and frustratingly slow, that’s because it is. In order to manage large case loads and protect the due process rights of litigants, the legal system may take a while to resolve contentious issues. We too are growing impatient with every extra day Tony spends in captivity at the truck stop, and we are doing everything we can to accelerate his release to a proper sanctuary.

Still have questions about the cases? Post them below and we will answer as best we can.

See the most recent updates on this case.

69 thoughts on “Making Sense of the Current Status of the Tony the Tiger Cases

  1. Shana says:

    Since the courts ruled to revoke the permit, shouldn’t Tony be placed in a sanutary until the other lawsuits are finished? The only one suffering in all of this is the poor tiger.
    Thank you for all you do for animals!

  2. patricia amigh says:

    It does seem like a long time for this to be resolved. I was hoping that Tony would be out by December, 2011. But at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there Tony, help is on the way. Thank you for helping this precious animal.

  3. Cathy says:

    I’ve been following this case, and this overview has been very helpful, thank you! :)

  4. DRO says:

    Keep up the good work! This overview was insightful. I hope the tiger is freed ASAP.

  5. Ally says:

    Will ALDF get to select a reputable sanctuary for Tony? It is disheartening to read that Sandlin may be able to choose where Tony goes and it will be more of the same in a new location.

  6. siobhan duff says:

    I agree with Shana. It would make sense that while the courts figure things out, since clearly Tony is being held illegally, that Tony should be hanging out in a sanctuary during these moments of his life, not in a cage. How would anyone enjoy seeing a miserable tiger at a truck stop that they know is being held illegally?

  7. Pat says:

    I agree with Shana – why is Tony not transferred to an appropriate sanctuary while the wheels of justice grind along?
    Thank you so very much for all of your efforts

  8. Matthew Liebman says:

    Dear Shana, Siobhan, and Pat:

    Thanks for your support. Although we would love to have Tony moved to a sanctuary while the case is pending, there is no legal mechanism for doing so. The judge in our first case could only order the permit revoked; what happened after the permit was revoked was up to the Department. That’s why we filed our second lawsuit: to force the Department to take action. The judge in that case ruled that the courts cannot order an agency to institute prosecutions or enforcement actions such as seizing Tony and moving him to a sanctuary; the judge believed he did not have the authority to order Tony’s removal or Michael Sandlin’s prosecution.

  9. Donna J says:

    Get Jillian Michaels on this. You need more publicity and celebrity power to pressure the owner to let go of Tony. She recently helped PETA rescue an ex-race horse that was auctioned off as meat.

  10. Cindy Wines says:

    I agree but Tony should not be languishing and suffering in this horrible cage for 11 years.
    He deserves to be free. Big Cat Rescue will take good care of him. I have personally been there.
    All the cats have lots of room and the other cats to be friends with. Thanks for all you do.
    He needs our voice and your voice.

  11. Britt Johnson says:

    Thankyou for the update,it has been very helpful,we all want freedom for Precious Tony The Tiger and the end of all animals in captivity

  12. jessica miller says:

    I totally agree- and ask the above- why if he is there illegally- without ok permits- then is he allowed to remain there? If this was a human breaking the law- we all know- they would find a temporay- ‘place’ for us- to be residing- until further judgement was made- I really don’t understand- why there isn’t any temporary- place- for animals- in the court system- right? Surely- this is not the only animal case in the country. But knowing our system- they would say they don’t have the funds to pay for such a temporary location out there. It makes me curious- though- just like with children- they make a child sometimes stay in their residence- until an outcome- but if there is harm involved in the case- the child would be removed- and in this case- it is about ‘harm or cruelty’ – looking at photos of Tony- I just hope this goes sooner- than later- for his sake- such horrible living conditions- for a tiger . THANK YOU SO MUCH- for CARING so much- it just shows that with a LOT of hard work- WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE !!!!!

  13. Rhonda says:

    Did Sandlin get a Stay in the appeal? If not, would a petition by the people maybe convince the Department to go ahead and enforce the lower court ruling now?

  14. Holly says:

    I would love to hear that Tony is put in a sanctuary until the trial is over – but, can you imagine how heart breaking and confusing for him it would be, if the State lost and he was taken from his new, beautiful home and put back in that disgusting truck stop? Fingers crossed and praying hard that justice is served and that beautiful creature is treated with dignity and respect!

  15. Cristi says:

    There is a wonderful sanctuary called Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. This poor creature does NOT need to be a truck stop sideshow. For more information call 479-253-5841 or visit

  16. Kimberly Tuthill says:

    This is so frustrating to witness and not be able to help in any way. I have signed as many petitions as possible and can only hope that it helped in some small way. When Tony is finally free and lives in Tampa ( if that’s where he goes) then I look forward to visiting him.~GOOD LUCK!

  17. Sam Curcio says:

    It’s unfortunate that animals are still treated as objects of possession and not living things with a will of their own. In a perfect world, animals would let it be known in no uncertain terms where they want to live. Since that is not part of our current reality, I then think it is in their best interest to allow the most trusted authority speak for them. Obviously, the owner of that service station/truck stop only cares for one thing – how best to draw a crowd of customers for his own profit. In my opinion, he does not fit well as the ideal individual to represent that tiger. Those out to make a profit without integrity can never be trusted to do what is right.

  18. Suzy says:

    Michael Sandlin’s clogs up the courts and Tony continues to be captive and exploited. Just because no one in the state of LA can be bothered to prosecute him. Sad.

  19. It is a shame that Tony has to wait until all the legal stuff is resolved (we know it takes a long time). Every day he has to sit in this hell hole of a truck stop is a day taken out of his life.
    I hope you will consider sending Tony to PAWS in San Andreas, CA, Pat Derby has offered to take him and it is the best sanctuary for exotic animals.

  20. betty Jeane Murphy says:

    Am wondering if anyone has ever walked up to Sandlin, cash in fist and offered to take Tony to a sanctuary??????? It’s all Sandlin is keeping Tony for..$$$$$$$$…and I expect to prove a point that he will win out in the end and Tony will stay……How much longer can Tony survive that way?????? I cannot even imagine his mental health state!

  21. Nancy says:

    YES!! I agree with Betty Jean Murphy – why can money be raised and offered to Sandlin to allow Tony to go to a sanctuary. I’ll bet so many people would contribute it would end up being a lot of money. Someone like that would probably love the large sum of money instead of the slow trickle of money to show off Tony.

    What would it take for this to happen? Is it legally possible? Can a “grass roots” group undertake this, or even just a regular concerned citizen?

    Thanks! Nancy in FL. Hoping Tony comes to Big Cat Rescue so I can visit him! :)

  22. Susan Haughey says:

    Thank you ALDF for ALL you do and are doing to help Tony and other animals! Someone mentioned getting celebrity power…maybe that would help? If the people who elect the judges got loud maybe Tony could be freed sooner. Politics…..smh :-(

  23. Rhonda says:

    Isn’t it proper that unless Sandlin got a stay in his appeal, that the lower court’s ruling is valid until the appellate court rules? I know that it is up to the Department to enforce, but for them to say they will enforce it if its upheld is not the law…they should enforce it until a stay of the ruling is in place, or until it is overturned. Can they not be convinced to apply the law properly?

  24. Amanda McNeese says:

    Many heart-felt thanks to ALDF for continuing with this case over so much rocky road. You are doing the work most of us would do if we could. The court is keeping Tony from getting to a sanctuary and ALDF is trying to work from within the system. I just hope that the tiger can hang on longer. Sadly I dont agree that offering Sandlin money is the answer, it is much like a ransom and would only encourage others to act out in the same way. I can think of some other things Id be happy to hand Sandlin. If anyone has money to give please support ALDF, these cases and the travel all cost big $$$.

  25. Kristy says:

    Not only do I want Tony out of that Hell Hole , but I also want Sandlin charged with animal cruelty!!!! Sandlin must be one greedy !!!!
    He needs to be locked up that Prick!!! I have signed so many petitions and written letters about Tony, I am so Pissed Off about this situation, all the legal red tape is a bunch of B.S.
    Why can’t the tiger be moved to a Sanctuary in the meantime?

  26. Wendy Riddle says:

    There are several very good sanctuaries that may be able to take Tony. Contact Joe Taft of Exotic Feline Rescue Center in Indiana. Get Tim Harrison of Outreach For Animals involved. Thank you for your continued effort in this fight.

  27. Teresa Azar says:

    Thank you for fighting to free Tony. It’s a shame that he can’t be moved to a rescue facility like Big Cat Rescue while this case is pending. I hope you win the case, Tony is freed and and a ban on owning exotic wildlife is enforced. I would be in favor of purchasing Tony so he could be freed as long as Sandin could not purchase another big cat. On the one hand it seems a shame to reward him for cruelty to an animal, but on the other hand Tony needs to be freed and I would donate in order to put Tony’s needs first.

  28. Julie Simmonds says:

    I just want to add my hopes for Tony – perhaps all of these comments can be shown to the Ibeville Parish Council and to Judge Clark at the Barton Rouge Court. I think Tony should have been taken out of the Truck Stop while all the legal wrangling went on, that would have been more ‘humane’.
    Thankfully here in England people don’t really keep big cats as so called pets and the sooner this practice ends in America the better. A big cat belongs in the wild and not in somebody’s back yard or petrol station, it is barbaric and cruel to keep them in this way.

  29. Kelly Rogers says:

    My heart jumps for joy at the fact that the permit has been revoked. Is he at least being fed like a tiger needs to be?? I pray that you will go back in front of the judge that revoked the permit. Thanx, so much for all the hard work you do for all the animals

  30. A. McNeese says:

    Many thanks to ALDF for their perseverance in Tony’s behalf. This is a very important case, not only because of this tiger’s suffering for so many years but because a decision to permit big cats to be kept in these conditions would be so unjust.
    Facts that should be noted by the court, recent events in the US-Oklahoma and Ohio-where wild animals are kept by individuals or traveling shows without adequate housing or care can pose a great danger to the human population.
    Tony should have been released, but he wasn’t because Sandlin continues to defy the court decision rendering his license invalid. The fact that this tiger continues to suffer is a direct result of the lack of caring and defiance of one man who believes his right to profit off the suffering of a big cat is an entitlement. Please write the court in support of Tony and continue to support ALDF.

  31. Jim says:

    Thank you for all you do and for helping to relieve Tony the Tiger from his misery!

  32. Brenda says:

    Don’t give up! I will continue to donate for this group – I hope others will, too. And a reputable sanctuary to be considered can be found in Colorado – The Wild Animal Sanctuary – featured on Discovery channel and contributors include Bob Barker and Jessica Biel. The Sanctuary has rescued tigers from a few Bolivian Circus; tigers from truck stops; panthers from drug dealers; bears from taxidermists. They are non profit. We love them here in Colorado!! See

  33. Deborah Wasko says:


    Instead of constantly adding bandaid legal obstruction measures on both sides, reconstruct the main law … then enforce sooner than later.

    Awareness of this case has already been languishing some 11 years. Let’s be real … Tony will die in this cruel bondage setting, nothing to do with what’s right, just another exercise in who’s smarter at setting precedents that win their position.

  34. Robert says:

    I hate to say it, but I lose a little more faith in human beings when I read the stories about how people are treating animals. The cruelty shown by some humans toward animals is heartbreaking.

  35. AngeLsLuv says:

    This breaks my heart.. All I do is spend time signing petitions to help animals, donate $$ when I possibly can for animals, and adopt strays..

    Tony needs to be taken care of, spiled with love, and respect…

    Thank You ADF for all you do and the help you are giving Tony, and all the other animals in this world… Too many people are creul and heartless to all animals, birds, and fish in the world..

  36. Renee says:

    Dear ALDF,
    What if someone went to and started a petition to help free Tony? I have seen many things change and large companies comply because of the number of people signing a petition. What information would we need to include and who would be best to address and send it to. Sometimes waiting for the courts isn’t enough. Let’s bring this to the public beyond your website for all the people to hear, especially the millions who don’t yet know about Tony and will help.
    Thank you.

  37. Carolyn says:

    “Judge Caldwell held that enforcement decisions by an agency are discretionary duties that cannot be compelled by the judiciary.” Absolutely not true. Administrative Procedure Act, 5 USC 706: “The reviewing court shall–(1) compel agency action unlawfully withheld or unreasonably delayed.” On another note, I’m curious as to who is paying Sandlin’s lawyers, and why they would support his cruelty.

  38. Janet S. says:

    First of all I want to also say thank you so very much for all you have done to fight for Tony’s freedom. I am happy that so far the judge has done the right thing, but all that being said, I also agree with some of the suggestions by others here, and want to add to them.

    It’s shameful that he is still being held illegally, and the Department should be considered “abusive and cruel” for stalling on this. it’s true that that he should be placed in a sanctuary of ALDF’s choice. I believe Mr. Sandlin would find one that would do so for profit, or exploitation, and he would again benefit financially. About Jillian Michaels.

    I’m thrilled to know she champions for animals. She should be involved but along with many other celebrities that fight for animal rights. The more, the stronger the clout! Tony, we love you, and will fight for you, until you are FREE. You were “born free, as free as the wind blows, free as the grass grows. . “!

  39. Nora Davidoff says:

    Seems like Caldwell and Sandlin could easily have some sort of relationship outside the courts? Why else would an educated judge allow such an atrocity. Give me a break!

  40. CC says:

    To all wondering how they can help Tony: donate to the ALDF, if you aren’t already, so they can continue fighting this battle in court.

  41. Linda Gewiss says:

    This whole Tony case is just disgusting and demoralizing. Here is a wild animal being kept in deplorable conditions for years while the courts, the State of Louisiana, and Mr. Sandlin all act abominably concerning his welfare. If animal abuse is a crime, why has the State of Louisiana repeatedly been allowed to disregard its own laws and allow Tony to be abused with no end in sight. This case just proves that the Justice System in this country is corrupt and ill prepared to enforce the laws it makes. Especially where animals are concerned. Mr. Sandlin should be forced to live in the deplorable conditions he has created for Tony. I doubt that Tony will survive the State of Louisiana’s disregard for the law.

  42. betty Jeane Murphy says:

    It just boggles when people deliberately “thumb their noses” at the judicial system…..Should he not be held in contempt and jailed????? Tony needs to be out of there before he perishes! I have absolutely NO empathy for this man in anyway!

  43. Janet Chernoff says:

    I am so glad people have shown such concern for a beautiful Tiger like Tony. I also agree with the many statements voiced by other people. I think a petition started on would also help to persuade the judge to let Tony go to another place till this matter is settled. Ellen Degeneris ( forgive my spelling ) is a big animal advocate. Someone should sent her an e-mail and let her know what is happening with Tony. God bless ALDF and all the hard work you do !!!!!! I am praying for your victory in this matter, and for being so kind to all of God’s animals. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I would also donate to help Tony. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and for the update.

  44. Catherine Saunders-Watson says:

    Please don’t give up the fight. If more money is needed, please send out another appeal — I know I would not hesitate to donate again. Animal abuse of this type is the last form of slavery in America and should be stopped.

  45. Jenni says:

    Have any people or organizations attempted to get Tony some comfort while he waits in his cage like vitamins, enrichment, proper nutrition, or a medical assessment and treatment? Would Sandlin allow people to work directly (in protected contact of course) with Tony to temporarily improve his welfare at the truck stop?

  46. Theresa says:

    Poor Tony! This whole ordeal is putting a lot of stress on Tony. No animal should have to be held prisoner in a small cage ever.

    When ALDF does prevail, I hope that Big Cat Rescue in Florida will take Tony in. I know that would be the perfect home for Tony. He’ll get the love and care that he deserves.

  47. Adair says:

    Poor Tony! This is so frustrating and heartbreaking. I don’t know how long tigers usually live, but I hope he can get into a santuary soon so he can have a few good years left.

  48. Tracey S. says:

    ALDF is a phenomenal organization. Thanks for all you do for the animals. I wonder, since it seems as if ALDF and the Department are now “fighting on the same side” in relationship to the new law suit, might it be possible to convince the Department to enforce its regulations and move Tony to sanctuary now?

  49. Amber says:

    Thank you so much for the work you do! There is very little in this world that gives me hope for human kind. Your efforts are the cornerstone of what little light I see in the world.

  50. Tod S says:

    Thank you ALDF for ALL that you do to rescue and save our planets greatest assets! I see petitions, litigation, even suggestions about celebrities, but what about the media? I would think the last thing this selfish, cruel person would want is a bunch of TV and news camera’s in his face, at his location, showing how terrible this amazing tiger’s life is?

    A woman saved her German Shepherd by sleeping outside of the kennel on the road, it got so much attention that she eventually got her pup back. The media is very powerful if used appropriately – local and national! The internet is great, but put something on TV – it will pull on heart strings and maybe hurt his business SO much, that he has no choice but to do the right thing.
    Thank you again!

  51. Judith Salyer says:

    Thank you for the updates…we are following this story and praying Tony gets his sanctuary as soon as possible.

  52. Deb says:

    Wouldn’t being in the cage an act of cruelty?

    Aren’t there laws for the size of the cage?

    Even being on display at a truck stop where Tony can be spit on or shot with items is an act of cruelty isn’t it?

    Does not make sense to me at all.

    Thank you for all you do. I hope Tony is freed soon. What a waste……

  53. Roe says:

    Why dont you do newspaper ads requesting that people boycot the station. Also that people send state legislators emails that they will also not vacation or book conferences in LA. until this is resolved. Hit them in their pocket. Those traveling through LA on 10 or any other highway don’t buy gas, food, soda, snacks or cigarettes there. Dont go to the beaches or parks. Also request that CNNs Jane Velez-Mitchell get involved she is a huge animal rights proponent

  54. Bridgett Heinly says:

    I applaud ALDF for all their hard work and donate as much as I can. This is only about greed. Why not inquiry with Sadlin’s attorney to see what amount of $$$ it would take to negotiate a settlement where Sadlin would release his rights to Tony? I’d bet large sums could be raised if we knew what would satisfy Sadlin and guarantee the release of Tony.

  55. Diana J Nielsen says:

    I find it fascinating what most of these people are saying regarding Tony. How many of them have been to the truck stop?

    My husband and I are professional truck drivers and have been through several times. It’s not that I think it’s okay the way Tony’s treated, it’s that it could be much worse.

    I feel for the tiger because he’s alone, and quite obviously unhappy with his living conditions. When you introduce a wild animal to a domestic arena there are going to be difficulties. Personally, I don’t even like the idea of any “caging” of big wild animals.

    Please understand from the stand point of someone who frequents this truck stop, we are the ones who puts the meat on Tony’s table. I would like you car drivers to pay my fuel bill for just ONE WEEK (2100 miles @ 7mpg equals 300 gallons of fuel. Multiply that by and average of $4.00/gal and you get the grand total of $1200 for just fuel ONE WEEK!).

    Cars don’t really pay the bills out there, we do, sorry. If you can’t move him, than get him a companion female tiger so that he can have a little happiness. This paying the attorneys all of this money could buy another beautiful tiger.

    Thank you very much for all that you do for the silent ones, and yes you do great work.

  56. Tim O'Shaughnessy says:

    This just sickens me to no end. There is a tiger sanctuary in Branson, Mo that would be the perfect place for Tony and I would personally give money every month to help support him. This is just insane! Tony and other animals like him don’t have a voice, vote or money so most people don’t really care. The “man” that is keeping Tony in this situation is the lowest life form on earth. I will continue to support the ALDF and I hope and pray that Tony one day will find a good place to live out the rest of his life in peace and dignity.

  57. kathy gainard says:


  58. Cheryl says:

    It was such good news when we were told that Tony would be released the end of last year. I’m sure you’re frustrated and poor Tony, still stuck in that cage.
    Thank you for your dedication to saving him.

  59. Ralph says:

    Several correspondents above have mentioned people in the public eye who champion animal rights. Could they be acquainted with situation and get involved?

    I particularly like Tod’s suggestion regarding media.
    Also PETA? – they can make considerable noise!

    I’d like to comment on how to deal with Sandlin…

  60. Jan Whiteley says:

    I agree with previous comments. Why can’t we all get together and buy Tony off this dreadful man and put him into a safe sanctuary. Sandlin must not win and be allowed to keep one of the most majestic animals on this planet in such unnatural surroundings any longer. I pray for him and only wish he knew how much so many people care for him.

  61. Elinor Vacchino says:

    It brings me to tears every time I read that poor Tony has made no progress in getting out of there. I can’t imagine how frustrating it is for all of you to deal with lawsuit after lawsuit. Thank you, thank you for all that you do and continue to do for Tony and all animals! We’re all still praying for the day his misery ends.

  62. Nina Council says:

    My god,I have been reading about Tony the Tiger for two years now, and there he still sits in a small cage on the roadside. This is disgusting. The owner needs to be arrested and fined heavily.

    What the hell is wrong with humans that they do not fight for justice for animals. There are many Tonys, many big cats, caged, and used in canned hunts, used in circuses, and hoarded. It all makes me sick. All the big cats need to stay in their natural environments with protection to prevent poaching. Humans must stop burying their heads in the sand and pay attention to what is really going on in relation to all animal isses, its a nightmare, and I cry alot.

  63. Carol says:

    Your update on this case was helpful. I find it abhorrent that this person is allowed to continue his abuse of Tony regardless of the fact his license is revoked and he is operating illegally. When people (individuals, departments, courts, etc.) ignore the fact that a living creature’s life and well-being is compromised, they should be held accountable. I am outraged. I like the ideas of enlisting celebrity assistance, eg. Ellen DeGeneres, CNN, and animal welfare groups.

    Thank you ALDF! Your voice for the animals is refreshing.

  64. Faely says:

    There has to be another way to circumvent these stalemates. I know that ALDF is doing everything it can to help Tony through the court system, but why not try some of the avenues mentioned by these other posters?….celebrity involvement to bring attention to Tony’s plight; an outright purchase of Tony with raised funds and then get the laws changed; not just local, but national, media attention steered by ALDF. If enough people know about Tony and then jump up and down about it, you can bet something will change.

  65. Dagmar says:

    I am following Tony’s case since last year and I was getting really mad when the court revoked Mr. Sandlin’s permit to keep Tony but decided that Tony has to stay there until December! Why not right away? But now I’m asking myself who’s been payed by Mr. Sandlin to slow down the whole procedure? There is something fishy about all that.

    I’m wondering if Tony will be out of this hellhole by this year December and if his despicable owner will be prosecuted to be punished for what he did. This low down dirty creep!

  66. Amanda M. says:

    What about an update ALDF? Its been about six weeks since your last blog. People are sick over this situation and we dont want Tony to be forgotten about.

    Has there been any movement from Louisiana to release Tony to a sanctuary? Has anyone monitored the tiger’s condition?
    I like the idea of celebrity endorsement, it can really help a lot. What about Leonardo DiCaprio?


  67. Gaia Little says:



  68. Melodie Zentall says:

    My animal group Kentucky Coaltion for Animal Protection has been following this case via ALDF info.
    Can ALDF please provide an update. I do realize how busy your staff must be and we very much appreciate your work and outreach.

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