Making News for Animals

Posted by Jennifer Molidor ALDF's Staff Writer on February 18, 2014

Today’s daily action for National Justice for Animals Week is to make news for animals!

Write a Letter to the Editor


Don’t just read the news—make it! If you don’t think the issue of animal abuse is getting enough coverage in your local paper, or if you want to applaud a particular reporter for going in-depth to cover a case of animal cruelty, a letter to the editor is a great way to take action for animals.

Let your own community members know how they can join the campaign to fight animal abuse with a clear, concise letter. “Letters to the Editor” are one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper and can reach a large audience. These letters allow community members to comment on the way animal issues are being addressed in the media and influence the topics covered by the local paper. Elected officials often monitor this section of the newspaper and take notice of public opinions.

If your letter is published, share it with us, and we’ll send you an ALDF prize pack including a reusable ALDF tote bag, bumper sticker, and other ALDF goodies! Email the link to the online newspaper to, or mail a hard copy to us at:

Animal Legal Defense Fund
c/o Megan Backus
170 East Cotati Ave
Cotati, CA 94931

Include your name, mailing address, and copy of your published letter. Letters must be received by March 31, 2014 and must relate to the theme of National Justice for Animals Week to be eligible to win.

We’ve made it easy for you to contact your local newspaper with your views, but editors want to hear from you in your own words.

Take action and write a letter to the editor now!

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2 thoughts on “Making News for Animals

  1. Dawn Friello says:

    More needs to be done this animal abuse is way out of hand, it’s beyond sickkkkk, these laws must change, a felony jail time and fine I can’t stand it I hateeee all animal ABUSERS, these animals have no say or choice, people do, we are here animals only voice.!!!!!!!

  2. Klara Larsen says:

    I am Danish, and I have always been proud of my home country, but the killing of a baby Giraffe, was more than I could take. When people take wild animals out of their natural environment and put them in ZOOS or tiny sideshows, they must be taken well care of. I would like all these places closed down and all animals moved to large park to roam free. When you produce animals, it is your job to find them a home, if you no longer can have them, even it takes a some time. It is called civilized.

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