Live Animal Exports – Part 2

Posted by Joyce Tischler, ALDF's Founder and General Counsel on August 13, 2010

Join ALDF Founder & General Counsel Joyce Tischler as she tours
Australia with Voiceless, the animal protection institute, for the 2010 Animal Law Lecture Series.

When Katrina Sharman and I arrived in Perth to continue the Voiceless animal law lecture series, we had a few hours of free time. We decided to take a cab to Fremantle, where the shipping port is and where live animals, mainly sheep and cattle, are shipped overseas. According to Animals Australia, in the past thirty years, over 150 million sheep and cattle have been sent by boat to the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Two million of these animals have died on the ships, due to the poor conditions and lack of appropriate care.

A live animal export shipAs we walked toward the port, we could see a large ship docked there. It was the Al Shuwaikh, loaded with sheep initially raised to produce wool, who are packed into pens several stories high. We could see the sheep moving around in the pens. It was depressing to bear witness to this sight, given what we know about the suffering that this boatload of animals will endure over the next three weeks as the Al Shuwaikh sails to the Middle East. I kept thinking, there go the damned, on their way to hell…

I have written about live animal exports from Australia in a previous blog post. Live animal exports are a thriving business and they will stop only when enough people demand an end to the misery that they cause. When I returned to my room, later that night, I found this video that describes the situation movingly:

Please. Watch this video. Then, raise your voice; speak up for these animals.

For more information about the continuing tragedy of the export of live animals from Australia and ideas of what you can do, follow these links:
Live Animal Exports: The Issues
How you can help

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