Let it Snow

Posted by Lisa Franzetta, ALDF's Director of Communications on December 23, 2011

Cue the holiday clichés–snow gently falling amidst the evergreens, sipping cocoa by firelight (or popping Xanax in the guest bathroom–look, I don’t know what goes on in your family), and the inevitable misshapen sweater, hand-made by Aunt Hildy, wrapped up under the Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush. And speaking of knitting, let us not forget, now that the winter is decidedly upon us, the most adorable holiday cliché of all–rescued animals in outerwear!

Photo credit: Animal PlaceAnimals like Big Red, a chicken at California’s lovely Animal Place, a sanctuary for rescued farmed animals, who seems to be taking inspiration from Paris Hilton in this fluffy pink pullover.

The good people at Animal Place explain,

The barn here is large and spacious. This is wonderful for providing optimal space to a large number of chickens, but it makes keeping the barn warm difficult….When we got an email from a knitting club in New Mexico, we were ecstatic. They offered to knit some sweaters for the birds. We said yes!

Meanwhile, halfway around the world, certain Kiwi penguins laugh in Jack Frost’s icy face this year, thanks to their own jaunty jumpers. After a devastating New Zealand oil spill this past October that tragically killed countless sea birds, a local yarn store put out the call for penguin sweaters. It turns out that oil is especially harmful to penguins, whose feathers provide them from special protection against the cold–a protection that is damaged by contact with oil. Photo credit: cuteoverload.comThe sweaters keep the rescued birds warm as they recover, in addition to preventing them from consuming oil on their feathers while preening.

Apparently natty knitters from across the globe responded with such needle-clicking ferocity that the penguin sweater demand was quickly met. Go knitters!

But of course, one need not look to such far-flung locales for your holiday dose of cute overload. Lest our own beloved rescues catch a chill this holiday season–well, what could be more American (sigh), than a Snuggie (As Seen on TV!), purchased at Costco, and gifted by my cousin in San Diego (where it has been known to reach a finger-numbing 60 degrees in the darkest depths of winter) to my own beloved shelter cat, Theo. 

Theo in his SnuggieWhile not amenable to his adorable little tuxedo paws and razor sharp claws of death being fitted through the arm-holes, Theo placidly tolerates his Snuggie with the steadfastness that can only be conferred by sleeping twenty hours a day. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

To all of you who share your hearths and hearts with animals in need this holiday season–and with hopes for a warmer year for all animals in need in 2012–Happy Holidays from all of us here at ALDF.

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