Legally Brief: Ban Coyote Killing Contests

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF Executive Director on November 7, 2014

Legally Brief

Is it really any wonder that our planet has lost nearly 50% of its wildlife in just the last 45 years? Not when you consider that last year, on the 40th anniversary of the Endangered Species Act, a misleadingly-named group, “Idaho for Wildlife,” held a killing contest that gives prizes for killing wildlife (including wolves and coyotes) across millions of acres of public lands in eastern Idaho. This year, on the 50th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, that same group applied to hold the contest for five more years. More than 56,000 public comments opposing this killing derby were submitted to the Bureau of Land Management. A similar killing contest, the “Coyote Calling Contest Triple Crown,” begins today:

In these “contest” massacres, participants compete to shoot as many animals, usually native predators like wolves or coyotes, as they can. Money or other prizes are awarded based on greatest number killed, largest individual killed, etc. Hundreds of animals may be killed and many others wounded. These killing contests treat sentient beings like vermin to be killed for fun. But wolves, coyotes and other native wild predators are essential to the health of entire ecosystems—by keeping other animal populations in check and keeping them healthy.


Some participants claim to be protecting the animals raised by ranchers (to be slaughtered for their meat), but these contests do nothing to protect “livestock.” Scientific studies show that the haphazard slaughter of coyotes actually increases coyote populations, and that when packs are splintered, many more coyotes breed, thus increasing the number of pups dramatically. Killing contests are ethically inconsistent with the proper management of wildlife, and even hunters frown on these killing sprees. Nonlethal predator control and more effective ways of protecting farmed animals abound. Killing contests don’t come from a love of the outdoors, a respect for nature, or wildlife management.

That’s why ALDF and Project Coyote recently successfully sued to shut down an Oregon outfit that hosted coyote killing contests for being a nuisance to its community. And we’ve teamed up again to lend support to the California Fish and Game Commission’s consideration of a state-wide ban on killing contests and predator derbies. Human beings need to learn to peacefully coexist with wildlife and ensure the humane survival of species in the natural world.

Learn more about ALDF’s work to protect coyotes here.

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46 thoughts on “Legally Brief: Ban Coyote Killing Contests

  1. Bonnie says:

    Sport hunters are cowards.

    1. Renee Wright says:

      Hunters are MENTALLY DESTURBED BASTARDS!!!!!!!

  2. Yvonne Baron - Vidal says:

    Please save them. Stop the killing!

  3. Stacey says:

    So cruel, leave the innocent animals alone!

  4. Olga page says:

    Animals are not for sport or entertament. Except for holding, hugging and loving.

  5. Jeanene Hill says:

    We need to stop killing our wildlife

  6. Julia Kinney says:

    This is not hunting. This is killing for killing’s sake, for the “thrill” of taking lives, and absolutely also for profit (sponsors). It is barbaric, and it is inexcusable. Wildlife belongs to ALL of us, including our children’s children.

  7. Jane says:

    This is sick and cruel. Leave the animals alone. I will never understand the mentality of a person who just wants to inflict horrible pain and kill innocent animals. sick twisted macho bullshit. The need to kill. These people are seriously sick.

  8. Kristi Thorpe says:

    Just Stop Killings!!

  9. Paul says:

    As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love. -Pythagoras

  10. Heather Stogsdill says:

    please ban these killings. Thank you.

  11. Kelly Highet says:

    This slaughter is uncalled for. Serves no purpose at all.

  12. Philip J. Kocisko says:


  13. Marsha says:

    I am opposed to all forms of animal abuse & unnecessary killing, including coyotes.

  14. Paula Denise says:

    It’s time to be responsible. Animals are not here for our entertainment. Killing for sport or competition is entertainment. It’s time to STOP – now.

  15. Shirley Hubert Strickland says:

    I Am All the way Against Killing Wildlife !
    I bought 15 Acres of Land not that I needed that
    Much to live on but so that much wild life could
    Be safe & trust me We have some of them All
    We have Deer come right up to our doors &
    Even Eat my shubs & All
    They All know no harm will come to them here
    Not as long as I or my family live !

  16. Nir babad says:

    Killing is un acceptable and its not an option .

  17. Michaela Ryan says:

    Horrible, unconscionable, disgusting, barbaric, sick sociopaths.

  18. Mary says:

    This is animal abuse pure and simple. Trying to excuse it by calling it hunting is a big lie! We dot not have the right to indiscriminate killing of animals. We reside on this planet, we DO NOT OWN OT OR ANYTHING ON IT.

  19. Sheela S. Iyer says:

    I protest all cruelty.

  20. Rowena Carino says:

    please stop hurting animals. they have feelings too. they feel pain like we do.

  21. “Men” kill for the thrill of taking a life. A real man seeks to save a life. Please stop the killing of the coyotes and all thrill killing.

  22. Jolanda says:

    Stop killing animals!!

  23. Shana Havemann says:

    No animals need to be killed for the amusement of sick humans.

  24. Ruthann Croda says:

    Can’t stand the thought of people just killing for the ‘fun’ of it… So wrong!!!!

  25. Charl Havemann says:


  26. jennifer says:

    Come on fellow human animals..let’s begin with stop slaughtering other animal life, start thinking more like guardians than killers

  27. Paula Ilona says:

    Stop the war of Wildlife !! !

  28. Gill Kilroy says:

    why don,t they have a competition t see how. Many murderers, rapists and violent criminals they can round up and kill??

  29. Danika says:

    I think it takes a certain sick kind of person to kill for fun. To kill something as innocent as an animal and to feel good about yourself because of it is evil. I honestly do not feel people like this are worthy of living themselves. They are the scum of the earth, up there with pedophiles. May sound harsh. But murder is harsh and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  30. Doreen Besso says:

    Leave wildlife alone. They need peace and quality of life without humans causing harm.

  31. Debra Meza says:

    Stop the killing ! WE are all GODS creation stop destroying them !!

  32. Laura Rautiainen says:

    Sick “fun” for psychopaths.

  33. Renee Wright says:


  34. betty shortsleeve says:

    please stop the killings my Heart Hurts so much for these Fur Baby please please stop the killings.

  35. Stephanie Burnett says:

    Stop killing the innocent

  36. Andree Dyke says:

    This is offensive and cruel.

  37. Lisa Daniel says:

    Wolves as are all wild life are essential to the Ecosystem !!! Nature is perfect, humans….not so much :(

  38. Elke Milligan says:

    Stop killing wildlife !!!
    We are guests on this beautiful earth and nobody has the right to kill or destroy wildlife and nature.
    Hunting is cruel and they don’t have to, especially not for sport and fun of killing, this is just cowardly and not manly at all. The stores and supermarkets are full of meat, so no excuse !!!
    Save wildlife and nature for the sake of the future of our children and coming generations. We have no right to take this away from them !!!!

  39. Crystal Weber says:

    Human beings can be the most despicable creatures on earth. We can also be the most compassionate. If we could just weed out people who kill innocents for fun or money, the world would be a better place. Stop killing for fun/profit you useless vermin!


  41. monique says:


  42. Gina Chronowicz says:

    I can’t help thinking this ALDF action would have greater impact as a Petition rather than a Pledge, but let’s hope that the California F+G Commission will vote for a ban on 3 Dec.

  43. Dorte Hansen says:

    Stop killing!!

  44. Paul Roper says:

    Hunters are a disease on this world.

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