Lawsuit Shuts Down Puerto Rico Monkey Factory

Posted by Matthew Liebman, ALDF Staff Attorney on January 23, 2012

Great news from Puerto Rico! The Puerto Rico Supreme Court has sounded the death knell for the Bioculture monkey breeding facility in Guayama after several years of litigation and public protest by local citizens and animal rights activists.

The Bioculture facility would have housed more than 4,000 primates captured from the wild, whose offspring would have been sold to research laboratories in the United States. But Guayama residents, supported by an international coalition of animal protection groups including ALDF, drew public attention to the proposed facility and pledged to fight its construction. The residents joined People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals in filing a lawsuit challenging Bioculture’s permits.

As we reported last year, the plaintiffs won at the trial level, but Bioculture continued construction of the facility while it appealed the decision all the way up to the Puerto Rico Supreme Court. Last month, the high court upheld the trial court’s decision, and just last week, it denied Bioculture’s request for a rehearing.

Politicians continue to push involvement in the biomedical research industry as part of Puerto Rico’s economic development, but the popular activism and tenacious litigation surrounding the Bioculture facility should make them think twice about courting business from industries that exploit animals for profit. 

4 thoughts on “Lawsuit Shuts Down Puerto Rico Monkey Factory

  1. thomas moore says:

    Keep it shut down!

  2. Rennie Miller says:

    Burn it down!

  3. Lennart Walloff says:

    Wonderful news…every bit of news like this gives energy to all of us who battle everyday for the welfare and survival of all the innocent creatures of the world. Thank you. lennartlive.

  4. Nund Pelladoah says:

    In Mauritius where Bioculture parent company is domiciled, we are delighted to learn the decision of the Court of Appeal of the Puerto Rico Supreme Court. Thanks to ALDF and PETA. Pls if we could be provided with the copy of the ruling at first instance and on appeal that would help us in our campaign in Mauritius.

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