Labor Day Movie Blockbuster

Posted by Lisa Franzetta, ALDF's Director of Communications on August 29, 2008

Despite the beautiful weather and the 72 languid hours spread out before us like a beckoning beach blanket on fine white sand…it’s a bittersweet holiday, Labor Day. I keep hearing talk about “the last weekend of summer.” Well people, I’m hearing it, but I’m not believing it. Isn’t one of the great joys of not being in school not having to deal with the crushing psychic blow of going back to school? It’s still 90 degrees, there’s not a cloud in the sky, and if I see Halloween decorations for sale at Walgreen’s any time in the next month, so help me I’m going to shred them to pieces right there in the shampoo aisle.

In addition to eating perfectly ripe tomatoes, sharpening your pencils, and watching football (so I’m told), a lot of people will also be hitting the movie theaters this holiday weekend.  For me this will include a second viewing of Woody Allen’s new movie, which I am not being paid to promote here. (I just love Woody Allen, and you should too. If you don’t, please post a comment explaining your utter lack of any sense of humor or human poignancy. Really, I want to understand). But I’d also like to suggest another “movie” you should check out, if you haven’t had the chance to see it already–a little video about the work and history of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, featuring interviews with our Executive Director Stephen Wells, Founder and General Counsel Joyce Tischler, and Chief Outside Litigation Counsel Bruce Wagman.

Watch it on YouTube

It’s a mini-journey through the history and work of ALDF, and at about 5 minutes running time, it’s appropriate for even the least committal among you. It also won’t cost you $10 or ask you to purchase a $7 tub of popcorn (though if you’re so inclined, be our guest). I’ve watched it many times, and it still gives me that warm-all-over feeling. As a member of ALDF, you can take pride in knowing that your generous support makes all of our work for animals possible.

Now just keep the sunscreen off your keyboard, and enjoy.

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