Kentucky Animal Shelters in the Dog House

Posted by April Nockleby, ALDF's Online Content Manager on August 20, 2008

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is filing concurrent lawsuits in two Kentucky counties today, taking the
counties to task for failing to provide basic, humane conditions for
stray dogs and cats, as mandated by Kentucky’s Humane Shelter Law.

Robertson County's Mt. Olivet shelter is a primitive wooden shack.What should be places of refuge for homeless animals are more
like filthy prisons. Robertson County’s Mt. Olivet “shelter” is a
primitive wooden shack where dogs endure searing heat in summer and
freezing temperatures in the winter and lie amidst their own excrement
on dirt floors that flood during rainstorms.

Angelika Kasey, who brought her concerns about violations
at the Estill County shelter to ALDF, describes seeing filth, flea and tick
infestations, and contaminated drinking water left for the dogs, who
are rounded up and euthanized every Thursday.

Stray and abandoned cats
fare no better. In Robertson County, the county refuses to allow the
dog warden to take in cats, and homeless cats are not provided for in
any way. At the Estill County shelter, cats are euthanized regardless
of whether they might be lost family pets or healthy strays who would
be suitable candidates for adoption.

See additional photos of the Estill and Robertson County shelters, and read more about the lawsuits and an excerpt of Ms. Kasey’s eyewitness account here.

One thought on “Kentucky Animal Shelters in the Dog House

  1. eva meadows says:

    Frankfort the capitol of ky has some of the worst animal rights I’ve seen. not to mention how they house the cats. the ones they capture in cages are taken to a room with no windows cages stacked high in a very small room if there is a light in there i didn’t see one. they never turned it on so i could try to identify a cat. this room is behind a solid closed door. in some of the cages were moma cats with as many as 5 fairly good sized kittens. this is in a cage probably 12″x12″.

    they where panting for air. i was greeted by two of the rudest employees i’ve had dealings with. all this after they have been lured in a cage by food left in all kinds of weather till someone comes to take them to be put to sleep after a week of torture in the so called human society. if any one can tell me where to go to get something started to try to undo all the wrong that’s being done to these little innocent creatures please email me at

    eva meadows

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