Kansas and Missouri: Rescued Dogs Looking for Loving Families

Posted by Lisa Franzetta, ALDF's Director of Communications on December 29, 2010

Harriett, Ernie, Suzie, Kali and twelve other dogs rescued from an Independence, Kansas dogfighting operation are looking for loving families to give them a new chance at life in the new year.

Kansas and Missouri residents and licensed rescues interested in opening
their hearts and their homes to one of these dogs can contact Katie
Barnett, president of the University of Kansas Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapter and adoption director with the rescue group Game Dog Guardian, at katie@gamedogguardian.com.

Read more about the case that led to their rescue.

Meet a few of the dogs below:

"Harriett" Tubby Tubman (a.k.a. Big Mama)

Harriett hugging Katie


"Suzie" Shortcake

"Kali" Kangaroo with Katie

5 thoughts on “Kansas and Missouri: Rescued Dogs Looking for Loving Families

  1. roselle says:

    what a beauty..i hope that someone with a kind heart will give them a loving home..

  2. Terrie Skeeter says:

    I hope they all get loving homes. I wish I could take one but I have two dogs(jack russells) of my own. They are my life. To bad some dog owners do not feel the same way.

  3. Jane Somers says:

    I wish I could take one in as well but I live in Massachusetts and I have two dogs and three cats. I also had a pit bull a few years ago & he was my whole life,I have never had a dog with such personality in my entire life,he was such a joy to have around,his IQ was very high,he understood every thing I said.We took him and our other mixed dog to the beach for a run & swim;he would chase after the water but when the water came up on shore he would run away from the water.His name was Smiley because it looked like he was always smiling,he passed away from old age and an illness I sure miss his company,he was always full of surprises.Good luck with finding homes,I know some one as a guardian angel will come and adopt one at a time & give them good homes.God bless

  4. Cindy says:

    I would so love to help out.. but I am in California.. no chance of sending Big Momma or Ernie to me is there? I have a pit mix, a boxer and four cats too.. we love our fur babies so very much.. my pit sleeps with me.. not my husband.. he has the boxer with him and we each have a cat sleep with us.. These poor dogs deserve a loving family and I sure hope they get it..I also wish that these idiots who get caught doing horrible things to these wonderful dogs get the book thrown at them so hard they go brain dead.. !!!

  5. Cavin Wright says:

    One day all who mistreat animals must answer for their actions.

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