Justice for Justin

Posted by Stephen Wells, ALDF's Executive Director on December 8, 2010

Frail and abused, the hungry, 19-pound Doberman mix was locked inside a bedroom in a foreclosed home in New York State when a Suffolk County SPCA officer discovered him. Now named Justin (he was rescued "just in time"), the dog who was found covered in feces, dangerously underweight, and not expected to survive is a healthy 55 pounds, resides with the officer who saved him, and is the namesake of a brand new law that promises to keep track of animal abusers in Suffolk County.

Justin weighed only 19 pounds when rescued.Help the Animal Legal Defense Fund expose animal abusers by making a special year-end donation toward our work to protect animals from repeat abuse and bring justice to animal victims.

Justin’s Law creates the Animal Abuser Registry, the world’s first publicly accessible and searchable database of those convicted of the most serious animal abuse crimes. The law requires that anyone convicted of a felony or class A misdemeanor animal cruelty crime in the county of one and a half million residents will appear on the registry for five years. ALDF is especially proud of this first-of-its-kind legislation, as we have been leading the campaign to enact such laws nationwide — a concept that has attracted a groundswell of public support.

Justin after his rescue.Wouldn’t you want to know if a violent or repeat animal abuser were living next door to you and your family? Justin’s Law will make a dramatic difference in keeping offenders away from potential new victims by allowing animal shelters and humane societies to more thoroughly screen potential adopters — and by alerting the public to their whereabouts.

ALDF worked closely with Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper, who authored the landmark bill, and it is our goal to create public registries of anyone convicted of felony animal abuse in each state in the nation.

But we cannot continue this important work without your generous support. Please consider making a special donation to expose animal abusers in your community and in communities nationwide.

Thanks to supporters like you, ALDF is ensuring justice for animals like Justin.

13 thoughts on “Justice for Justin

  1. Wyskur says:

    I’m very glad that so much good is coming from this horrible situation. I hope that all 50 states will adopt it!

  2. Audrey says:

    Just wondering how all these dogs the SPCA finds are “covered in feces.” Did this dog roll around in his feces in the bedroom? If he had that much feces available to roll in, doesn’t that indicate that he was being fed? And why was this dog taken by an SPCA employee as opposed to being offered to the public?
    Since the SCPA is a private organization, how has it come to pass that they maintain the “Abuse Registry?”
    Does anyone think or do we just keep reacting?

  3. vivian says:

    I think that is awesome! Its nice to know people are giving more attention to the treatment of animals. I hope ca passes the same law!!!

  4. Cindy Wines says:

    SO glad you found him. Thanks for taking him in.
    I can’t believe someone would do this. It is murder on purpose.I am glad this law is being considered.

  5. lin says:

    Like Audrey, I question things too….why is it the SPCA found the dog…..?? and not a real estate or mortgage person?? and if a neighbor called the SPCA why did it take so long for someone to discover the dog until almost dead?? I wish they would tell the whole complete story….maybe the spca officer fostered the dog for recovery and then just decided to adopt…which is nice… after so many of these foreclosured houses that have had animals left behind….you would think a neighbor would check right away if she knew the people had animals..so stupid…..I hate these almost dead cases….

  6. Georgette Madak says:

    Honestly, if you guys found a cure for cancer, some people would complain that you didn’t find a cure for heart disease.

  7. Victoria Ayala says:

    All the donations in the world wont help if judges and attorneys don’t follow through. A recent case in Miami Dade, a dog was brought in emaciated. Put to sleep immediately then no one pursued this case because it couldn’t be proven the dog was starved on purpose. However the definition of cruelty on Miami Dade’s own sight included “Failure to properly treat an animal for debilitating medical conditions.” Clearly the fact that this dog was put to sleep immediately is proof enough that the owner in this case purposefully neglected the medical care of this animal. PROSECUTE!!!!!

  8. Tacitus says:

    Huzzah! If only we could have a national database.

  9. Nancy Furstinger says:

    I wrote my newest picture book, “Maggie’s Second Chance” (coming out in Spring) after a dog was abandoned in a neighbor’s house when the idiots were evicted. I suspected something was wrong and “liberated” the dog, whom I later adopted. Sadly, this is all to common these days with evictions. So glad this story also had a happy ending…too many end in tragedy for innocent creatures.

  10. Terri Miller says:

    that poor dog, what kind of human being would do something like that to a dog. that makes me sick to my stomach, these kind of people don’t need to adopt any animal

  11. Sarah West says:

    To the person who critized the SPCA Audrey

    Dogs get covered in their own urine and feces when they are so ill…. they cant stand sit or walk

    Did you see this dog? He was near death!

    Go to our site and read the links beteen Domestic violence and animal abuse CFAWR.org

    This is why an animal abuse registry is the best idea

    Get a life Audrey and educate yourself in these issues before you make stupid comments such…. as did the dog roll in in his own feces ?!!

    Sarah West


  12. Dora says:

    Sarah I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  13. The importance of Justice for Justin can not be overstated. If “Law” is a boundary between civility and chaos. Between right and wrong. Ignorance and Arrogance, then the laws that punish animal abusers should be as ” meaningful. I hope the day is near when WE can enact laws that are: enforceable and promote the spirit of justice that motivates people to think twice before hurting animals who they know can not dial 911 and say “help me please”.

    Animals hurt by arrogant and or disturbed human beings who feel that the LAW has no influence on their behavior must not only be convicted of their crimes but feel the repercussion of their acts long after the act has been committed and the typical misdemeanor slap on the wrist marks has faded from memory.

    Rapists and child molesters are “black listed” and shunned so too should animal abusers.
    Justice for Justin and for all of the “Justin’s” that are not so lucky! Why do some people still NIMBY when it comes believing that their neighbor could be an animal abuser? WE can not afford to have the NIMBY attitude – NIMBY is just one “Justin” away from our house!

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